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Home and Away| Does she really know him? Promo

i don’t trust him one bit. maybe it’s the fact that i’m still not over robbo’s death but there’s just something about him that makes me think he’s gonna hurt tori 🙁

Home and Away teases proposal storyline as Christian Green’s past is revealed

Is Tori making a big mistake?

A first look at the planned plot of Christian Green and Tori Morgan has been announced by Home and Away.

In next week’s episodes in Australia, Christian (Ditch Davey) will pop the question to Tori (Penny McNamee), trying to prove his devotion to their relationship.

The romantic moment that Christian asks Tori to marry him is predicted by a new trailer that can be seen at the top of the list.

He wants him, Tori, and baby Grace to be a real family together, Christian explains. Tori seems to be won over, but there may be more concerns just around the corner.

Other promo footage shows newcomer Lewis Hayes of Home and Away warning Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) that Christian is not what he appears to be.

Lewis brands the surgeon as a threat to his patients and reveals to Jasmine that from now on he will watch Christian like a hawk.

Luke Arnold, who plays Lewis, has revealed previously that Christian is blamed for the death of his late wife by his character.

“Lewis wants to get into it with Ditch Davey’s character Christian Green, but when he reconnects with Jasmine, he’s torn between his budding new romance and his building obsession with Christian.”Lewis wants to get into it with Christian Green, the character of Ditch Davey, but when he reconnects with Jasmine, he is torn between his budding new romance and Christian’s building obsession.

“Ditch Davey also teased the storyline earlier by telling Digital Spy: “Yeah, he’s got secrets, of course, and there are some things that will come up that he doesn’t even know.

He has his own history, but there are still things that he doesn’t even know that are trailing him. When the viewer does so, he finds out! “

The plan is being aired by Home and Away in Australia next week and in the UK later this month.

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