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Home and Away former star Zoe Ventoura’s rare motherhood confession

Aussie celebrity couple Zoe Ventoura and husband Daniel MacPherson managed to keep their son’s life hidden from the public for the first few months.
But after it became common knowledge in April that their first child was welcomed by the couple, a son named Austin Xavier, Zoe and Dan opened up about their parenting experiences.

This week, taking to Twitter, former Home and Away star Zoe, 39, revealed life is not always picture-perfect with a newborn.

“I’ve been screaming for the past two days, ‘Don’t lick the bin!! ‘And he sucked snot out of the nose of my son, because, you know, he really felt the glamour of early parenthood,’ Zoe joked.
In May, husband Dan, 40, talked during an episode of Samantha Gash’s podcast about his experience of becoming a new dad.

He said that one of the best lessons he’s learned since becoming a father is to only be present,” and explained how his attitude has changed.

“Looking back now, when you’re not a mom, you can’t make choices about life as a parent,” he mused.

“There are things that we don’t really know about in our DNA, in our cells that get awakened when you look back at a little version of yourself looking back at you going, ‘Love me, hug me, feed me, hold me.’ When all of a sudden, it doesn’t really matter about the next work.”

Although the COVID-19 pandemic clearly had several downsides, one positive is that he was able to spend more time with his newborn when restrictions came into play, the former Neighbours star added.

“It doesn’t matter what you believe in whether you believe in God or the world, whether you believe in Mother Nature or in karma or whatever, life brings you where you should be,” he said.

“And life went,’ Hey man, you’re going to be right there, locked with your son and your wife in an apartment for X months. And thank you! What a blessing.”

Zoe and Dan are both notoriously private about their personal lives, and while Austin was born in December 2019, they officially announced his birth via a spokesman only at the beginning of May.

On the set of the Channel Seven drama Wild Boys in 2011, the pair met and fell in love.

Four years later, they secretly tied the knot in Noosa, the same spot that the actor suggested, and recently moved back from LA to Australia.


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