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Home And Away: Jasmine’s shock memory loss worsens after the horrific food truck explosion

”Christian has serious concerns for Jasmine.”

She survived the devastating food truck blast that rocked Summer Bay, but Jasmine’s real nightmare is only just beginning in Home And Away this week.

Nurse Jasmine (Sam Frost) collapsed last week after the horrible food truck explosion, as fans will recall. When Jasmine couldn’t recollect specifics of the explosion after being taken off life support, surgeon Christian (Ditch Davey) was concerned.

Christian suspected she had post-traumatic amnesia, but he required additional tests and advised Jasmine to wait. She couldn’t understand why she was losing her memories.

This week, things are only getting worse. Jasmine’s short-term recall seems shot to ribbons.

Both Jasmine and Irene (Lynne McGranger) are saddened when Christian discusses Rachel’s (Mary Kennedy) tragic death — she was hit by a car after walking out of the hospital.

However, Jasmine soon inquires about Rachel’s well-being. Christian is at a loss for words when it comes to explaining what’s going on.

Christian has serious concerns for Jasmine and her level of injury,” Ditch, 48, tells TV WEEK. “It’s important to establish how much of her memory was affected in the early stages after the accident. He’s very concerned for his close friend and colleague.”

Clearly, Jasmine isn’t in a healthy frame of mind. In the middle of the night, she panics and tries to flee the hospital.

It’s a worried Irene who stops her from walking out the doors.

After only a few minutes, Jasmine has no idea what she’s been up to, and Irene has to explain everything. Christian is adamant about figuring out what’s happening before things get worse.

Ditch says, “There are concerns regarding Jasmine’s short– and long-term health.” “However, it’s critical for Christian to stay objective when making a diagnosis. Of all, dealing with the injury of a close friend blurs the borders.”


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