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Home and Away newcomer Jacqui Purvis reveals all on Cash’s sister Felicity

 For UK viewers.

Cash Newman’s sister Felicity makes her debut appearance in Summer Bay on next week’s episode of Home and Away in the UK.

While on a date with Jasmine Delaney, local cop Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is interrupted by calls and texts from his sibling.

Although Jasmine (Sam Frost) is concerned that Felicity may be a love rival, all is revealed when an apologetic Cash later reveals about his bothersome sister, who has managed to expel them both from the property they currently share.

Felicity’s actress, Jacqui Purvis, explains more about her character in this video.

How did the first several months of filming go for you?

“The first few months of my career have been fantastic. I’ve had a blast working with the incredible actors and crew. I’ve already learned so much in such a short period of time. It’s like boot camp – really fast-paced, which I’m learning to appreciate. It’s a lot of fun.”

What can we look forward to from Felicity?

“Felicity is a dynamo.” She has boundless energy, a high level of self-assurance, and no filter — all of which can lead her into a lot of trouble.

“However, under all that is a vulnerable, sensitive, intelligent woman, who has had a very hard upbringing. That’s the joy of playing her – getting to explore all those wonderful behaviours and layers.”

What is Felicity’s brother Cash’s relationship like?

“It’s a difficult situation. Cash is extremely essential to Felicity, and she completely relies on him. When she makes a mistake, she asks Cash to help her, and he almost always does.” They adore each other and have formed such a deep and unbreakable bond, but it doesn’t stop them from having the occasional furious sibling brawl.

“They can say anything to one other, no matter how nasty, and at the end of the day, they will always get together, sit down, and have a beer. They are quick to forgive and forget. People should be able to look at these two and think, “That’s just like my brother or sister!”

What about your first scenes can you tell us about?

“Felicity swiftly finds herself in difficulty and requires Cash’s assistance. Cash is not the same as Flick. He is intelligent, but he is also very square and sensible.

“Flick enjoys being a little wicked and dubious, so they couldn’t be more dissimilar, which sometimes lead to them butting heads. So, to say the least, Cash is cautious in their first scenes together.”

Is there someone in the Bay that Felicity has her eye on?

“She does, but you’ll have to wait and see. Felicity is at Summer Bay for her brother at first, but it is a specific someone who draws her in closer, aside from her family. As a result, the Bay may have to get used to seeing Flick.”

What was it like working with Nicholas, the actor who plays Cash?

“Working with Nic has been an absolute pleasure. He’s always making me laugh on set because he’s so honest and giving. Working with him is a breeze because we’re such good friends in real life.

“I do a lot of work on our scenes as they are usually pretty weighted, either quite vulnerable and sad, or high energy. Nic does the same and he cares a lot, so I’m always so excited to work with him to see what we both bring to the table.”

Is there anyone in the cast with whom you haven’t yet collaborated and who you’d like to collaborate on a future storyline?

“I want to collaborate with everyone in this cast because they are all so talented. However, Courtney Miller (Bella) and James Stewart are two standouts with whom I have yet to work (Justin). They’re both outstanding actors.

“Courtney is a very open actress. In her work, she demonstrates both strength and stillness. I think she’s incredibly talented, and I’d love to collaborate with her. I also believe Flick and Bella would get along swimmingly.

“And James is just effortlessly captivating, I would love to work with him just so I could learn from him. It would be like a masterclass in acting.”

Felicity performs a Coyote Ugly-style dance in a bar in her first episode. What was it like to shoot that?

“That was the most enjoyable experience I’ve had in a long time. I used to be a dancer and have always enjoyed it, so being able to perform on the show was a tremendous plus.

“I even got to work with Leah Howard, an incredible dancer, and choreographer who taught me the sequence you see in the episode. We had a great time making it.

“Then getting to perform it on the day, with a crowded bar, all these extras watching, the lights, the music, it was just so much fun. I definitely felt who Flick was in that moment.”


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