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Home and Away review: Colby is behind bars and Daddo reappears

So Colby is practically cuffed and escorted to the police car and still retains his’ enormous ego.

Colby tells Angelo, “You’ve got nothing on me.”

“It’s happening,” says Dean.

Everyone is up in arms, but nobody is more angry than Jasmine, whose plans have been put aside to use Colby’s sperm.
Okay, I think Bella is still distressed.

The interview between Angelo and Colby begins.

“I don’t have anything to say,” says Colby.

But he’s not saying anything.

As a montage rolls from Colby, the sand song plays.

His mug shot is taken, his police belt is taken off and Bella weeps uncontrollably and says “you promised everything will be OK” repeatedly. We’re expected to feel sorry for the killer in cold blood.

Nik calls his mother. Off the cards is New Zealand. A real travesty.

Colby is locked away in his cell, and Bella’s badgers rat him out.

I think Taylor is the one who came forward with evidence, but Dean, Ziggy, Willow and Nikau may have been any number of individuals, and speaking of Nik, Bella informs Dean and Mac that Nikau knows something and it doesn’t go down well.

Also, Colby is quick to accuse Taylor.

“Oh, maybe that’s what you deserve,” says Taylor, as she looks at him in the cage.

Colby has no bail, which he believes is a “death sentence.”

Without Colby, they all go home to find the house is an total dump from the police search. I wonder if Bella’s letter to Irene was found slipping behind her bed when she came home from horse camp?

Jas is possibly finding some way to have a baby with Irene as she reiterates what a “good man” Colby is in the event that the whole thing is just a misunderstanding and she can get back to making babies.

“Love, unless he has a legitimate reason, Angelo is not going to arrest anyone,” Irene says.

Anything I suspect Irene knows. When Luke Jacobz aka Angelo was first on the show, she was around, but any specifics about their relationship were not revealed … unless you were watching what I wasn’t 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, Dean is flipping out because he thinks that because he buried Ross’s dead body, the cops are coming for him next.

Willow is trying to get Ziggy on board to give some emotional support to Dean. Yet she has moved on and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

But not if there is anything to do with Willow.

Willow says, “If you don’t, I guarantee he’s going to sacrifice himself and we’ll lose him.”

Ziggy goes over, faced with the prospect of Dean going to prison, and advises Dean not to do something stupid. This is robust guidance.

“The idea of you going to prison …” Ziggy trails off because, since many years ago, she hasn’t even thought of Dean. Apart from the persistent, permanent reminder on her back.

In prison, cops are a “free game” and Colby will need help from seasoned inmate Dean.

“The day I met you, my life was over,” Dean says. It’s a very bad delivery, very deadpan, but until the morning, Ziggy mulls her emotions over.

“There’s no way back for us if you go to jail,” Ziggy says.

The thought of getting back together, which is news to me, just sounds like she’s coming around. But then she continues to crush every glimmer of hope that Dean has and again he’s all alone with no girlfriend, no best mate and no son to start with who may not even have been his son.

“For us, there is always no turning back,” Ziggy tells Dean.

Without some of Justin’s pessimistic cancer attitude weighing down my mood, I have been having a lovely week.

With Budget McDreamy, Tori is excited for her hot date, but due to a medical emergency, he calls to cancel at the last minute.

The next day, they run into each other.

It is another fascinating dress. A motorcycle jacket after having just been up all night with injuries caused by a motorcycle.

They gave up this crazy fighting thing anyway and started behaving like adults. At around 7 pm, Tori sends Leah and Justin off to bed so that they can actually get it on, before Gracie starts crying and spoils the mood and Budget McDreamy has passed out after pulling a big shift at work by the time Tori comes back.

No sex for Tori though.

I am so sick of Justin’s immaturity towards everything well, but particularly the love life of Tori. But he shocks me and gives Tori a kind of pep talk and simply says that men are simple creatures and want to wake up.

But Budget McDreamy doesn’t wake up, so instead, they’ve got a cuddle.

The next morning Justin “takes one for the team,” but gosh he’s not going to stop going on about the great lengths he went to so that his sister could have sex.

In the Merimbula case, Alf refuses Martha, which is so absurd that I will skip over it.

This is his third appearance or reappearance, so my patience is wearing very thin with this guy.

Fortunately, Alf offers him his third degree.

Alf says to Owen, “I need to know how concerned I need to be about my daughter.”

What have you done with her? He wants to see Roo, but she declines and instead enlists Ryder for a couple of hours to distract Owen Daddo.

Roo tells Maz that Owen did nothing wrong and that she was the one who did “something bad.”

When Roo returned from her trip to the sunset, I certainly accused him of being the crumb of the Earth, but regardless of that, he’s always a bit of a spineless flake.

And talking about spines, Justin comes back in a taxi from another clinic and he looks really rough.

The end is close.


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