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Home and Away review: Colby’s luck is about to run out




Tane’s prior offer to pay $25,000 for the drug-filled van that Ziggy and Willow dumped far, far away is not going to plan and it doesn’t take Mac long to figure out that Tane is in a spot of drug-related bother.

“Exactly what sort of trouble are you in?” Mac asks Tane.

He denies anything and asks Mac to keep her mouth shut especially so Ari doesn’t find out because it will certainly rile him up given the only time he mentions his brother is when speaking about his dodgy doings.

But Mac is probably the smartest person in Summer Bay and can put the recent glassing and last night’s threat together.

“Stop reading into things. It’s just two random bits of bad luck,” Tane says.

Then Ziggy appears in some bushes.

“The deadline’s today and I haven’t heard from you all week,” Ziggy says.

“Have you found a way to come up with the money?”

Tane is usually calm for someone who doesn’t have plan.

Then Mac appears… and in Budget McDreamy’s jacket. Well not actually his jacket but it looks very similar.

“I want to know what’s going on right now,” Mac says.

Ziggy and Tane fill Mac in, off screen luckily so we don’t have to relive this ridiculous bit of scriptwriting.

And then Ari comes home, so naturally he wants to know what’s happening. It seems to be a recurring theme where all the characters fail to keep their illegal activities to themselves and implicate everyone they care about.

While this is going on, my suspicions about Colby not knowing about Bella’s plans to move to New Zealand with Nikau – a Parata boy and nemesis of Colby – are proved correct.

Also notable mention goes to Jasmine who is in very good spirits and begs Colby to have a drink with her.

And at that moment the news is broken to Colby via a handwritten note.

He finds Nic at the Surf Club and threatens him because that’s all Colby is good for.

“If you think I’m going to sit back and let you drag my sister off to New Zealand you’ve got another thing coming,” Colby says.

“I’ve stopped you leaving this country once, I’ll do it again.”

Colby walks off feeling pretty good about himself but then Nikau returns fire.

“I know about Ross,” Nikau yells out for everyone to hear.

I have a beaming grin as someone who has hated Colby since day one, well my day one which was some time deep in WFH territory.

Colby storms off to find his sister and yell at her about her “criminal boyfriend”.

She goes on about how the investigation has been “destroying” her for quite some time and Colby is the reason she wants to leave.

“I spent six years looking for you, risked everything so you could have a better life,” Colby pleads. This is news to me but it’s all in vain because Bella drops the worst (or rather best) insult of all and wins the fight when she declares that Colby sounds just like their abusive and manipulative father, dead Ross.

In an unrelated incident, Ziggy also has a go and glares at Colby’s badge.

“You have no right to still be wearing that.”

With all the unpleasantries out of the way, Bella and Nikau head off to the Parata’s for their send-off.

Then the creep from last night arrives at their house with another guy holding a crowbar.

And then more men pile out of cars. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve even seen because I really don’t think that thugs turn up in broad daylight to a quiet cul-de-sac shared with John Palmer, who is most likely stickybeaking, to bash an entire household.

Bella, Nikau, Ryder, who is freaking out, Mac and maybe Ziggy, I don’t remember – are inside the house while Ari and Tane attempt to calm the situation.

The crowbar man smashes the car and then they all start high kicking each other.

Colby gets a call at the police station and says he knows the address so it appears he’s on his way to the Parata household which must fill him with joy.

Home and Away ep 7450

“Oww who called the cops,” one of them yells out.

So Colby gets to save the day and prop up his unhealthy ego again.

He sits everyone down like the naughty school kids they are but no one dare say anything.

Meanwhile back at the station a voice on the phone tells Angelo that he doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest Colby but says it’s his case so it’s ultimately up to him.

He looks into the distance with a determined face and I can only hope that he doesn’t listen to phone lady’s voice and follows his vendetta-fuelled head.


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