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Home and Away review: Ryder dishes out the relationship advice and Justin almost gives birth to his tumour

With talk of Bella getting out of town and seeking a lawyer for her newly incarcerated brother, Colby, the producers drag out the start of the show.

To be honest, I’m shocked that the world’s best lawyer isn’t living in Summer Bay yet, but there’s definitely an opening for one right now.

Roo tells Owen Daddo that she ran away in the middle of the night because she is still in love with her dead brother. Finally, we get to the bit I’ve been waiting for.


No news yet as to who was the witness who put Colby behind bars.

I assume they’re going to fix their problems because they’re actually matching outfits, but Owen is totally clueless about why Roo’s family is cranky with him, wardrobe aside.
Roo says to Owen Daddo, “The reason I’ve been avoiding you is that I have no idea what to say.”

After one more ad break, they begin.

“Seeing your twin brother’s name called out by the people you’re in bed with isn’t exactly an ideal scenario,” Daddo says.

Roo apologizes and Daddo is more compassionate, but he’s still niggling at him because he’s competing with his dead brother and he starts “acting like a child.”

“I wouldn’t be shocked if he had left the bay already,” Roo said to Maz.

But he didn’t. He met with Ryder — which is a problem.

“For my relationship advice, people come to me far and wide,” Ryder says. “Ryder ‘s clinic for love is in operation.”

I have yet to see any signs of Ryder in motion, but before my period, I guess he might have pulled the ladies in elementary school.

“I’m so lost,” says Daddo. He still looks lost, however.

“To know that she can trust me, I need her.” Anyway, Owen Daddo finds Roo and decides that before she finds out which brother she is in love with, he will give her space.

“I’m here, so come and find me when you’re up,” says Daddo.

All are very friendly, but I wanted a great gesture, so I’m naturally disappointed.

Next up is Justin, who, unlike my day yesterday, wakes up from his nap, says he’s fine, and goes straight back to bed. Except for the fact that I was hungover and Justin had a tumor.
Justin’s levels of pain are unbearable, and it sounds like the tumor is giving birth.

I’m just glad he’s doing something, while weakening, but it makes for far more entertaining TV than endlessly watching him mope around.

Justin manages to get out of the winches, “I just need more drugs.”

Lastly, the incident with Parata and the gang.

Mac tries to give them money several times, but since it would hurt their image as men or something, they don’t consider the handout.
So they decide not to do anything with their money and enjoy the rest of their lives.

Nikau says he’s not going to New Zealand and he’s heading out to the city for a night, watching Ryder pour beer at Salt’s place.

But an ominous car chases him down and freaks out.

“Uncle almost ran me over in a motorcycle,” he said on the phone to Ari.

The gossip about the area, John, suspects something is going on and keeps him company until he’s saved by Ari.

“The boy was shaken up by something,” John says.

Without John, they go back to the Parata building, but I’m sure he’d love to go instead of straining his ears, and they agree that they’re going after the creep named Leon and his gang of people carrying baseball bats.


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