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Home and Away Review Today: Lewis holds a close eye on Christian and Jasmine

It could be Home and Away infiltrating my brain, but you just can’t trust a new character.

Between Lewis, the new nurse, and Jasmine’s former fling, and Susie, the real estate agent enamored with John, it must be part of a grand scheme.

Jasmine and Lewis continue their discussion about the doctoring abilities of Budget McDreamy, and it is very obvious that Lewis is searching for some sort of evidence of malpractice to get back at him for the death of his child.

Jas tells Lewis that he has to let go or it’s going to eat away at him. And she should know, for much of the last season, she was mentally deranged.


On a gurney, a dead body is wheeled out, adding weight to Lewis’ deranged allegations that Budget McDreamy is simply not the world’s greatest neurosurgeon.

Budget McDreamy is rocked by the news.

“Another post-op death by Dr. Green,” Lewis says.

It’s exactly the sort of seed Lewis needs to plant in Jas’s mind, but she doesn’t take to it.

“I think you’re fixating on Dr. Green because of Anna,” she says to Lewis.

Next, the saga of Justin and Leah’s lack of marriage continues.

Tori consoles Leah while she contends with what to do with her moronic boyfriend.

I figured that when it came to marriage, Justin and I were on the same page and we could not be farther apart,” Leah says.”

Justin believes this high and strong thing is marriage, which makes their relationship less than that.

But he apologizes after a pep talk from his pal, Christian. It’s in vain, though.

Leah says to Justin, “Whatever we have will never be what you truly want.” “I just have no idea how to get past this.”

I just hope they do, Gosh, so that they can get married and that Justin can die easily.

Leah pretends to be asleep so that she doesn’t have to talk to him, a classic pass.


But they hash it out again before the episode is finished, and now Justin alters his tune and says marriage is not a deal-breaker.

“In my life, I want you until the day I die,” he says.

This is likely to be now any day.

We get a few more info about the backstory of Susie.

She is making the most of her life, jumped on a plane from WA, and ended up in Summer Bay. But she admits it’s been a bit lonely on her own and meeting people.

It’s just too good to be true. She must be up to something or using John to get at his money.

It’s either poor scriptwriting that accounts for her being too keen and caring or another viable possibility.

John is still motivated by his date and boasts not once but twice about Dean, but he’s not interested.

Why are you doing this to me? ‘Says Dean. Agreed! Agree!

To forget his numerous woes, Dean is having “beers with the boys” that we’ve never seen before. His bestie Colby is in prison, and his girlfriend leaves him.

Bella freaks out about Colby because he is being released from the disease and into the den of the lion.

Dean also refuses to come, but John takes it upon himself to interfere in the company of others.

His pondering look suggests that John got through to him from all the people who gave Dean advice.

“Are you really going to let an 18-year-old girl turn up at the prison alone,” John says to Dean?

“Don’t you think Bella’s been let down enough?

“Are you really going to walk away from the one person who needs you the most?”

Next thing, Dean picks Bella up from the bus stop and they set off on their adventure.

But it’s not good news at the prison.

There was an “incident” and Colby can’t have visitors because he’s in solitary confinement.


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