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Home and Away Review:Colby squeezes the last drop of juice from the faith of Taylor



Ziggy is fresh out of one poor boy’s arms and into another, precisely the massive appendages of Tane.

Ziggy and Willow have been away disposing of Tane’s dodgy drug-filled truck for days, but all their hard work is about to be undone because they didn’t realize it was full of cocaine and their cocaine are wanted back by the baddies.

Willow knows a guy probably for that, too.

Tane is out of the hospital, released himself (of course) against the recommendation of the doctors, and if he doesn’t give them $25,000, the baddies threaten to go after his family.

Ziggy is not pleased to see him, of course, and she’s much angrier to hear the news of the drugs and that her life may be in extreme danger.

Would the people who bashed you come for me? “Tane asks Ziggy.

He reassures her that, which is not really reassuring, he will take care of everything and Ziggy is off the hook.

The main questions are, where exactly is Tane going to get that kind of money?

There’s no money in the no-so-secret hidey spot, but in the land of Home and Away where no one ever goes to work but can afford crushed avo for breakfast, lunch and dinner, money does seem to be a mysterious kind of currency. So, who knows, he may be fortunate.

First up is the saga of Colby, Taylor, and Angelo.

Up until this point, it was ramping up, but it wasn’t as great as I expected.

Angelo assured Bella last night that he knew it all and Bella wasn’t wasting time loading Colby up on the current one.

He’s so cocky, Angelo assumes he’s bluffing.

‘I’m trying to stay ahead of his little game,’ says Colby.

Before it’s too late, Colby squeezes the last bit of juice out of Taylor and gets her to take the key to the locked drawing of Angelo, where he holds his valuable outlined papers.

In the meantime, Bella is not satisfied that Colby has moved to Taylor again and now agrees with Nikau’s plan to move to New Zealand.

And it’s on again!

Bella says to Nikau, “Colby has made his decision and I have made mine.” “I ‘m going with you to New Zealand.”

Taylor is loitering back at the train, before Angelo’s guard is down so she can snatch his card.

Angelo’s office is broken into by Colby and his worst nightmares are confirmed. Angelo had their entire affair all over.

Anglo sees the red hand of Colby snooping around his office, and they’ve got it out.

Colby insists that he’s genuinely in love, but Anglo sees straight through and realizes that Colby is manipulating her to get details about the case.

From where does Colby get all of his egos?

As this very noisy encounter is going on, Taylor is standing outside the office and now it’s her turn.

The weirdest bit is that Angelo doesn’t even care about his wife anywhere in the world.

Maybe I was talking too fast. A couple of minutes later, the screaming creatures.

But still, Taylor doesn’t buy into it and feels she likes Colby.

Angelo, however, digs deep and discovers the slurs.

Angelo says to her, “You are sleeping with a rapist.”

She says, “I can not believe I have ever loved you.”

Colby and Taylor are quickly able to find each other and start bringing the pieces together. I emphasize the beginning of a phrase.

“It’s like he knew I’d be at the office, ” Colby ponders.

Colby is looking at a necklace … nothing.

They keep on thinking.

He looks again at it, and Colby then finds it out and dumps it into the ocean.

It makes the white noise sound back at Angelo’s end, so we know for sure his Intel method is bust.

Then Taylor tells Colby that he is a crumb, but after he ruined her life for his benefit, I wanted more from her, but I don’t even remember seeing tears.

“Right from the start, you were using me,” Taylor says.

Ok, well, both of us knew that.

Roo is home, but Owen Daddo can’t be seen everywhere.

I would be so disappointed if Owen has made a runner, even if it hardly comes as a shock because so far his acts have been far from exemplary.

Roo is ambiguous and claims she doesn’t know where he is, and before she drops the cheerful charade and makes it very clear that Owen has broken her heart, we are left in the lurch for almost an hour.

Martha and Alf both return from their travels and Roo acknowledges the break up finally and reiterates that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

“Between us, it didn’t work out and it’s done,” Roo says.

I know Daddo just had a guest appearance, but I wanted more of a grand exit between almost falling for Roo, dying, coming back from the dead as someone else, and just days later still falling in love with Roo.

Onto Dean, who is fuming that when Colby was forced to return his stolen son and the whole murder thing, he devastated his life.

“Because of him, I’ve missed everything, everything,” Dean tells Willow.

“In hell, Colby will rot.”

This is music to my ears.

There’s another custody conversation between Dean and Amber, but it just feels like they’ve worked it out this time and laid all the blame on her mother’s cretin, Franny.

All seems to be very friendly, but Willow suspects something is fishy because Amber said she brought Jai to school, but he didn’t wear a school uniform.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Jai at school in a school dress, let alone, so it is very much appreciated to spell it out on this occasion.

“Willow says,” Amber was being so sweet.

They hope Amber would run away for good with Jai.

Dean follows the advice and speeds of Willow to Amber’s house to learn they’ve packed up and left … very likely because Jai isn’t the child of Dean, to begin with?


But the idea didn’t reach Dean’s head without foresight.
So now he’s heartbroken twice — no son and no mother.

Amber blames a runner for the “toxic” atmosphere involving Franny and Dean.

I’ve been waiting for Amber all the time to admit that Dean isn’t the father, but I’m disappointed again, alas.

“I’m back to where I began. “A drop-kick of zero,” he advises his mates not to say something, preferring the precise moment. Scriptwriters, thank you.

Budget McDreamy aka Christian finally gets a decent look at Tori doing a beach yoga spot.
He outdoes himself with the suit, truly. In a sweater at the pool. Are we still meant to assume that he was only for a dip, dry, and popping on a jacket already?

They do the “cobra” because I can do it. After all, it’s essentially laying down because soothing, which happens to be something that I’m very, very good at.

Then they go back to Tori’s house and play with baby Gracie’s happy family.

She’s a bad baker, but her brother is a gourmet chef to her defense. To me, this is news. Another brother who isn’t Justin must be there.

But as Justin’s health deteriorates, it comes to a screeching halt. Fortunately for him, two of the world’s most amazing physicians are here to save the day.


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