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Home and Away: Ryder blames Mac for the explosion

The one thing that never fails to surprise me on this show is just low the producer will stoop.

But in a twist we all saw coming, Ryder blames Mac for causing the explosion.

But I’ll get to that that later because I’m far more concerned with how Jasmine (my favourite) is doing, and critiquing the explosion.

Home and Away ep 7591

This is my first Home and Away disaster of this scale and on the whole I’m thoroughly impressed.

I had seen some behind-the-scenes film and figured that the special effects were limited to people throwing paper in the air, so I didn’t have great hopes. But they managed to pull it off.

If you missed last night’s episode, don’t worry; the explosion happened in the final seconds, as it always does on Home and Away.

When Dean comes to the rescue with his hero complex and a fire extinguisher, there’s carnage and bodies all everywhere.

EP 7591 Dean (P.O’CONNOR) extinguishes the fire before helping others HAA 034

Dean’s ego will love this since I’ve already stated that he doesn’t really have a role in the show since his best friend and killing buddy Colby was locked up, Ziggy broke up with him, and his son isn’t a part of his life anymore.

I know I just said I was impressed but I’m going to be really picky and say that the continuity person has perplexed me because Dean’s using a black extinguisher – for putting out electrical fires.

A food truck explosion doesn’t seem electrical…?

Anyway back to the carnage.

Maz is the Louboutin shoe associated with the woman in the black gown. With the basic black dress, the producers had me stumped, but it turns out there are florals on the dress as well.

Ryder starts calling for Chloe right away. He seemed to be unharmed, thanks to his bag, which protected him from the blast. Unfortunately, it looks that the bag paid the final price and did not survive.

Emmett is very badly hurt.

Home and Away ep 7591

“My eye,” he yells while covering his eyes from the daylight as people gather around to help.

Then we find Chloe’s hand sticking out, the rest of her body crushed by her own La Cucaracha sign. What a demise.

Oh, no, it’s even worse than that. The sign is ripped off her and a hunk of metal is embedded in her torso. Despite a massive cut on her head, Jas is extremely calm, composed, and collected as she tends to Chloe before being brought to the hospital.

Next, Nurse Jasmine attends to Emmett. He’s trembling violently as a result of the shock.

Anna, Ari, and Nikau are walking by when they witness something that makes them laugh out loud.

Nik just stares blankly as Bella runs into his arms, possibly puzzled because he’s been led to believe Bella cheated on him with Emmett…

derived from a photograph of a hug

Home and Away ep 7591

Despite the dirty state of his top, he wasn’t in the explosion.

Home and Away ep 7591

Now that everyone has been found, the drama really begins as their heightened emotions take over.

Mia doesn’t waste any time blaming Ryder for her daughter’s injuries.

“She wouldn’t be injured in the first place if it wasn’t for your stupid food truck,” Mia says.

Ryder doesn’t seem to take it to heart and congratulates Ari on the baby news.

Because a good portion of this show is based on being at the wrong place at the wrong time, Mac overhears.

She puts on a brave face, but knowing that your ex is expecting a child with his new girlfriend just months after you lost your own child to the same man is a terrible load to bear.

Mac tells Dean, “The news was too much for me to handle, and I didn’t know what to say.”

“They’re having a baby.”

If you thought that was low, Ryder comes along to rub more Salt into her wounds.

Did you do this,” Ryder says gesturing towards the carnage.

“Is that what everyone thinks of me? That I could stoop that low,” Mac says.

Home and Away

Mac weeps on the jetty, a very picturesque location for a bit of windswept contemplation.

While this is going on, treatment on the various patients continues.

Chloe’s operation went well, and she doesn’t appear to be in danger of dying. On her flawless skin, there isn’t a speck of blood or even a scratch.

Home and Away

Jas isn’t so lucky and suddenly collapses.

“One minute she was talking the next she went down,” Mac says to the doctors.

Yeah …that is generally what happens.

She has a “haematoma the size of a lemon,” which is a bit unclear given lemons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but brain bleeds are serious, and she doesn’t appear to be responding.

Jas arrived at Summer Bay in a coma, so it would be poetic if she died in a coma as well, but I’m not ready to let her go yet. There are still so many terrible scenarios in which she may play a role.

Finally there’s Emmett

He doesn’t have any debris in his eyes, which is unfortunate because the injuries he sustained during the explosion could render him blind, putting his livelihood at risk. It’s tragic, but do we really care about Emmett?

“Both corneas might heal with time,” Tori says.

For some reason Nik is in the room even though he would be just as useful waiting outside, and just glares.

“Last night was my swan song,” Emmett says.

Bella returns to the exhibition at Salt to bask in Emmett’s greatness.

“Look how beautify Emmett photos are, Bella

“What if he loses his eyesight?”

“Yeah that sucks,” Nik replies.

Nik eventually handles the tension between them, assuming that he is the victor when, in fact, he has been royally played by Sienna.

“What’s going on with you and Emmett coz I saw a pretty sus photo of you two,” Nik says.

“Nik that’s a hug,” Bella replies.

“Do you honestly think that I would do that to you?”

He realizes at this point that he has wrecked his relationship by overreacting to the photo. Not to mention Dean’s wrath when he finds out, which he will because Nik is incapable of keeping a secret.

Then Sienna rocks up at Nik’s house while Bella is in the shower.


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