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Home and Away: Sam Frost breaks down in tears over gender pronouns

Home and Away star Sam Frost expressed a positive message about the importance of using proper gender pronouns, revealing that when she heard that a childhood friend misgendered women, she broke down in tears.

On Tuesday, the actress, 31, told her Instagram followers she was bitterly upset with everyone I grew up with because they’d written some very mean remarks about pronouns and non-binary gender identities.’

She went on It crushed my heart absolutely. I was really influenced by it and to be honest, I can’t think about it without weeping.’

‘It’s important to use the right pronouns, because it’s simple respect, first of all,’ she said.

Second, because it suggests that any person who walks around this planet feels seen, heard, included and respected. Why is it that someone needs to hide or feel afraid of who they are?

‘All of us are equals. We all deserve to be cherished, to feel compassion, to be welcomed just as we are.

‘To all my lovely friends at LGBTQIA+: I love you. I’m seeing you. I’ll love you too. And I promise that I will do my best to continue learning, developing and educating myself and those around me, so that you all feel safe, loved and included.’

The former Bachelorette was overwhelmed with appreciation for her inclusive post, with one fan commenting:’ I really appreciate this as a non-binary woman. ‘Thank you.’

One wrote, ‘Gorgeous words. If you were my baby, I would be very proud (I am very proud of the two that I have). Written eloquently with heartfelt integrity.’

For several trans persons, the proper use of pronouns is important. Misgendering is called the use of the incorrect word, even by accident where no malice is meant.

Earlier this month, after she misgendered Elliot Page during a segment about the Canadian star – once known as Ellen Page – coming out as a transgender man, Studio 10 host Sarah Harris found herself in hot water.

In reference to the Juno star, Sarah said well for her’ instead of using Elliot’s chosen pronouns ‘he’ and ‘they’.

She corrected herself instantly, stammering: ‘Good for them. Oh good for him. Jeez, it is already frustrating.’

The next morning, after facing an uproar on Twitter, the TV anchor, 39, discussed the gaffe.

‘I have to apologize for the reaction I had when you first revealed the news about Elliot Page yesterday. I stuffed up the pronouns full,’ she told viewers.

‘I was flustered, trying to make a joke and step on. It was very insensitive to look back. It was a real mistake, and I feel so sorry. Oh, I’m just… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It was a snap from the brain.

A lot of people say, “don’t apologise” but I felt so bad and I would expect someone to feel like I was trying to attack them that way. It’s just been a second. I’m sorry, truly.’

Many people applauded Sarah for her genuine mea culpa, and asked activists to avoid bullying her for what was a real mistake on social media.


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