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Home and Away Season Finale Spoilers-The police search the garage, Colby is cornered

Home and Away’s Australian Season Finale is only a matter of hours away, airing from 7 pm on a triple-bill. It looks like we’re set to take a crazy trip in the last hour and a half of the show in 2020.

Showdown in Prison for Colby

In jail, the police don’t do well. It’s something that Dean has made clear time and time again, and we’ve always known that the Colby Thorne tale foreshadows a big twist.

Colby’s (Tim Franklin) jail mates discover his identity in the final episode of the year and he’s not set up for a good time.

Jasmine (Sam Frost) visits him tonight, because of what he did, deciding their relationship isn’t worth throwing away. She decides that he and Bella were put through so much by Ross that his acts made sense. Speaking to TV Week, Sam says: “While she knows that he did the wrong thing, she knows that he’s a good person, too.” Ross was a crazy, dangerous man, so she could understand why he did it.

Yet, will the visit be the last for Colby?

Not long after she leaves, asking him to take care of himself, there are inmates surrounding Colby. Someone obviously knows who he is as a fellow inmate tells him, “You really thought you were going to get away with that… Constable Thorne!” ”

We don’t suspect this showdown will go well with Tim Franklin apparently no longer filming for the program.

Tane and Ziggy spend an romantic evening together

A romance has been brewing between Tane (Ethan Browne) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) for weeks, and after spending an evening at the farmhouse in last week’s episodes, they came close to sharing a kiss. Tane was a gentleman and left Ziggy without making a move at the end of the night, but it’s obvious there’s an attraction in between.

Now in an extended season finale tonight, they’re finally hooking up.

For the stolen goods fiasco, which goes from bad to worse as the cops raid Summer Bay Auto, Ziggy fumes with Tane. Yet when she sees him drinking alone at Salt, she has a hard time keeping mad at him.

Sophie told TV Week, talking about her burgeoning new relationship with Summer Bay’s newest bad boy, “She likes Tane as a guy and can see he’s been struggling, so she wants to support. “But she is beginning to develop feelings for him in that friendship.”

Broken men seem to be Ziggy’s kind, as Dean warned Tane last week. She attempts to reconcile them, and then they end up together in bed. It appears that Dean may have been

Yet, what does that mean for Ziggy and Dean? The next day, Dean confronts his ex at the beach while Tane watches on. He’s not one to give in easily, and he asks her for another chance once again.

He reminds her, “I love you.” “It will never change anything”

They’ve got so much history, and if it weren’t for Colby, they would always be happy together. Will he be able to win her over?

And what makes him a better catch than Dean, with Tane no stranger to a criminal past?

Kieran is struggling with his frustration problems ?

Kieran (Rick Donald) has returned to Summer Bay to try to mend the shaky relationship between him and Martha, his mother. Things have gone pretty well so far and he also made a good first impression on Alf.

While Martha cautioned Alf about the alcoholism of her son and his past violent tendencies, Kieran explained that he was able to remain late on the wagon, eventually turning his life around. Alf had met a few people who were suffering from alcoholism, so he knew the struggle.

Might he be on the road to recovery?

Yet in the season finale, things take a turn for the worse, as Kieran attempts to get a job for himself. Thanks to Alf’s generosity, he has bagged a van in the caravan park but needs to be able to pay his own way, so Jasmine asks for a job at the gym.

We’ve seen Kieran’s pushy side before when he was trying to get Marilyn to tell him where Martha was staying, or at least give him a phone number. Though Marilyn stood her ground, Kieran’s determination obviously left her a little unnerved, and there was a noticeable tension in the air. Yet when Marilyn learned his real identity, it was soon forgotten.

Sadly, this week he is having a difficult time managing himself. When Kieran approaches her to ask for a job, Jasmine, fresh from her prison visit, is a little dismissive. She tells him to put a resume in the gym and she’ll take a look at it, but that’s not enough for Kieran. He continues to drive, and refuses to leave her alone until at least, she offers him at least an interview better yet, the job.

Not the best first impression!

In the end, Lewis, an old uni acquaintance of Jasmine’s who she’s just been reunited with at the jail, has to step in. Kieran is badly hit by the rejection, and he storms off before bursting outside the Surf Club in frustration. He’s hitting a tree, unable to manage the short fuse.

Rick Donald, who plays Kieran, spoke about his new character to the Sunday Mail, describing him as a “tornado stirring things up.” He’s a troubled guy with a history of mental illness, and he’s not going to be able to easily get over his demons.

“Rick told the Sunday Mail, “The writers were very keen to discuss it … and try to get a true picture of the struggle. Where he comes in, gets drunk for a week and gets magically fixed, it’s not going to be a storyline.

During Kieran’s time in the bay, we expect a lot more outbursts… but who will be the next person in the firing line?

The coming of Lewis

As we wrote about on Thursday, in the season finale, a brand new character arrives at the bay, and he’s going to have a huge effect on two residents of Summer Bay.

Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold) is Jasmine’s old friend, and they share a profound bond.

When they were together at Uni, the two had a fling, but they ended up going their separate ways, and Lewis went on to marry Anna, Jasmine’s best friend. Sadly, his wife died, and he was left with a widower.

Now, he sometimes works in a prison infirmary, and Jasmine runs into him when she goes to see Colby for the season finale tonight. After such a long time, she is shocked to see him again, but she has a huge smile on her face as she reunites with her old flame. Are the feelings still there?

As it turns out he has a vendetta against Dr. Christian Green, and he’s set for a major drama. He blames Christian for his wife’s death and refuses to let go of it.

Will his reformed relationship with Jasmine, who is still mourning over her own partner’s death, be sufficient to get him over his need for vengeance?

What about that armed robbery?

They feel like they have no choice but to carry out the armed robbery of Paul. Tane and Ari have been backed into a corner. If they don’t then Paul and Leon will give directly to the cops the incriminating pictures of their last work which means almost-certain prison time for the two of them.

Ari got a text from Paul in the last seconds of Thursday’s episode:

“There’s a task planned for next week. For info, call me. Paul’s

This is an armed robbery at a club in the Reefton Lakes League. Now there is no backing out, or there is going to be trouble.

We know absolutely little about the outcome of the armed robbery, which has been kept entirely under wraps. We know that either in the final or early in 2021, Heath Braxon returns at some point and gets swept up in the Parata drama, but it is set to be a complete surprise as to how the Paratas get on with their work for Paul.

A shock twist is that during the final episode of the season, the police show up at Summer Bay Car looking for stolen goods! They are closing in on the case of the stolen van, and they’ve been connected to Justin’s garage by someone or something.

How did they discover where it was stashed? And before Willow and Ziggy drove her to her new house, did they leave any clues?

Tane immediately admits to Justin that he’s the explanation for the police raid. Can Justin, for Ziggy’s sake, stay silent, or dock Tane with the cops?

Plus, is the show in store with any final twists? There’s a lot to fit into an hour and a half, but until the moment it was confirmed to be Willow, the show managed to keep the identity of Witness X a total secret, so we’re hoping there might be some extra surprises thrown in as the final moments of 2021 air.


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