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Home And Away shock betrayal! Summer Bay reels as Willow takes the stand to reveal she is Witness X

Finally, the most momentous day in his life has come: Colby is on trial for the murder of his stepdad, Ross.
But not only will what happens in the courtroom cement his destiny, it will have consequences for the entire nation.

Colby (Tim Franklin) was backed into a corner in recent episodes of Home And Away by Detective Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz), who not only learned he was having an affair with his wife Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson), but conspired to exploit facts.
It wasn’t enough to charge the cop with murder – until an anonymous witness stepped out and gave Angelo the golden ticket he was looking for.
Colby has been convicted and is facing the full weight of the legislation now.

Colby and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) catch one last surf together on the trial day, reminiscent of their arrival in Summer Bay. The ex-policeman is full of guilt for dragging his friend into his mess and apologizes.
Is hope still there?
“In order to save Colby, they all decided to join together,” Patrick says. “As a cast, both of us decided to put the story to justice.”
After, hearings are ongoing at the courtroom when Willow (Sarah Roberts), Dean and Bella (Courtney Miller) arrive to express their assistance.
“Colby’s counsel informs him that Taylor was removed from testifying against him but there remains the enigmatic “Witness X.
The prosecution continues to expose their facts, none of which proves his destiny.
Angelo smirks just as Colby appears to see a glimmer of hope.

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The defense counsel is also given permission to play a wiretap tape on which Colby admits to murdering Ross!
They are shocked by Colby, Dean and Bella, and then Willow is called to the stand.

Shaking, she declares herself to be Witness X and testifies against Colby, defending Dean, Bella and herself all the while.
Willow has known that there is no way out of this for a long time, so she bends the story so that Dean and Bella stay safe.

“Sarah, 35, says, “She turns Colby in to save them. “She knew this was going to break the family apart so she made a choice.”
Dean is livid, causing a scene.

Colby is emaciated by her betrayal but resigns himself to all that comes.
“He is surprised by the actions of Willow, but he also knows why,” says Tim. “It’s pretty horrible.”
Colby does the impossible the next day: he himself takes the stand.

He admits that he killed Ross, although he’s adamant that he did so alone.
Dean is willing to admit his part, but it’s too late-Colby is sentenced to 25 years in jail.
When her brother is handcuffed and led prisoner, Bella sobs uncontrollably.


As word spreads, the locals reel in shock. Willow appeals to Bella and Dean, but her words fall on deaf ears. That night, she decides to pack her things, says goodbye to Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) and watches Summer Bay disappear in her rear-view mirror…Is this goodbye forever?

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