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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash isn’t impressed with drunk Jasmine

As he battled his recovery, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) kicked Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) out of her own house last week. Knowing he would be in excruciating pain for months, he decided he couldn’t bear Ziggy seeing him at his worst.
He wants to be the guy she deserves, but he’s scared that seeing him so frail and helpless would be too much for her to bear, especially because his continual agony means he’s having trouble controlling his rage. Mackenzie (Emily Weir) took over as Ziggy’s caregiver after she reluctantly packed her belongings and left. He still has trouble getting off the couch and requires regular assistance to bathe and prepare dinner. Ziggy had a change of heart this week and thinks she isn’t ready to leave her boyfriend to heal alone. She returns to the farmhouse, ready to move back in, with Logan’s (Harley Bonner) blessing and encouragement. Dean, on the other hand, has only recently kicked her out and makes it obvious to Mac that he does not want her to return. Mac, on the other hand, rejects his requests and, as Patrick recently revealed to TV Week, has a plan to reclaim Ziggy. “Mac goes behind Dean’s back and tells Ziggy he’s ready to welcome her back home,” Patrick explains. Dean is taken aback when she reappears. And he’s not the type who enjoys surprises.” He asks Ziggy to go for the second time in as many weeks. But, at the end of the day, it’s her house, and she assures him she’s staying for the long haul. “There’s a lot of inner struggle for Dean,” Patrick says of the new development. “He’s not 100% sure he can go through the rehab but knows that if he doesn’t, he can’t be the man Ziggy needs.” Will Dean finally let Ziggy help? Elsewhere this week, Justin (James Stewart) reluctantly gives Theo (Matt Evans) a job at the garage. He still has his doubts about Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew, especially after he returned home with a split lip. When Leah offers to pay for his motel room, though, it appears that the adolescent will be staying for a while. Justin caves in and provides Theo a job, putting his affections for his fiancée ahead of his misgivings. Perhaps helping out at the garage will get him back on the right track. “He’s worried about giving Theo a job at the garage because he doesn’t know if he can trust him,” James explained in the latest edition of TV Week. “There’s something suspicious about him.” While he is pleased with his new position, things quickly deteriorate. He is late for his first shift, and shortly after Leah has brought him lunch, he pretends to have a migraine and leaves early. What will it take to make Theo sort his life out? Finally, Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) had a rocky start to their romance, but things are about to get even worse this week. Cash’s status as a cop originally turned Jasmine off, but Irene (Lynne McGranger) persuaded her otherwise, assuring her that he’s not the same type of cop as Robbo. When she found out that Cash had been contacting Officer Murray (John-Paul Jory) for information on her, she was furious, feeling as if he had intruded on her privacy. Eventually, the two decided to put their awkward beginning behind them and embrace their playful new friendship. They’ve hit another stumbling block this week. The week gets off to a good start when Cash extends an invitation to Jasmine for a romantic break in the city, which she enthusiastically accepts! She’s looking forward to taking her first trip away with her new flame and possibly taking their relationship to the next level. When Cash is called into work, though, the plans must be put on wait for a few hours. During this time, Jasmine is alone with Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), who seizes the opportunity to have a drink with her brother’s new girlfriend. Then there was another drink, and another, and another. By the time Cash’s shift is over, the two are completely inebriated. Despite Jasmine’s intoxicated exuberance, his desire for a weekend away vanishes. As a hungover person, Jasmine wakes up the next day with no recollection of the previous night, and she’s scared she’s thrown things away before they’ve even started.

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