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Home and Away spoilers: Christian suggests he and Tori move to London

Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey) are engrossed in wedding preparations, but when they take a breather, they realize there’s another area of planning they can tackle: the honeymoon!

When they realize the venue will have to be baby-friendly, their joy is tempered.

However, Justin (James Stewart) and Ada Nicodemou (Ada Nicodemou) agree to look for Grace while the pair is away, so Tori and Christian have the world at their fingertips right away. They rapidly realize, however, that their ideas about the ideal honeymoon are vastly different.

Tori likes the thought of a quiet vacation on the beach over Christian’s desire to experience something thrilling and risky, such as trekking in Nepal or bungee jumping in New Zealand. Soon, the options become overwhelming, and they are unable to make a decision.

Christian concedes that a city getaway could be the right compromise when Tori mentions London. However, he begins to think about London more seriously, and he tells Tori that it could be a permanent home for them.

Tori is utterly taken aback. How could she just up and leave her entire family and circle of friends? She would not only be abandoning her brother in the Bay, but she would also be uprooting Grace and beginning over with only Christian by her side.

Was she ever prepared to take such a risk?


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