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Home and Away spoilers for the 2021 season revealed

Home and Away may already be back on the screen in the UK, but viewers are still eagerly anticipating the start of the show’s 2021 season in early February over in Australia.

Since November, when a low-key season finale episode ignited a mixed response from viewers, the Summer Bay soap has been off-air in Oz.

Fortunately, there will be no lack of drama in the new season and, thanks to official previews and exciting casting updates, spoilers have been dropping left, right and center in recent weeks.

The main storylines to expect from the new season are here.

Colby’s fight for life

Colby was facing serious danger in jail when Home and Away ended the year at the end of November, when some of his fellow inmates surrounded him threateningly.

In order to avoid being a target behind bars, Colby had been trying to stay silent about his background as a police officer, but once his secret was out, a few of the prisoners seemed to have an axe to grind.

Colby will be left in jeopardy after the brawl, as seen in a recent trailer, and will be rushed to the hospital, where he fights for his life.

It is rumored that Tim Franklin, who plays Colby, finished filming last year for the show. We seem to be coming to the end of Colby’s time on the show, but is he going to die?

John’s new romance

Since separating from Marilyn, John will soon enjoy his first romance. Ex McLeod’s Daughters actress Bridie Carter has been cast by show bosses as newcomer Susie, a real estate agent who takes John a shine.

Billed as charming and clever, Susie arrives in the Bay in search of a new start. Are she and John going to form a lasting connection?

Willow returns

At the end of last year, after betraying Colby to Angelo and providing testimony against her friend in court, Willow took time off from Summer Bay. Sarah Roberts, who plays Willow, has not left the show, however, and this year she will be back on screen again.

At the moment, nothing else is known about Willow’s future, but fans will be keen to see if she will ever create bridges with Bella and Dean by cooperating with the police after breaking the Mangrove River code.

Heath Braxton returns

The 2021 promo of Home and Away has also confirmed the return of the iconic character Heath by Dan Ewing.

No official Heath return plot details have been released yet, but a few months ago, Dan was spotted filming with Rob Kipa-Williams (Ari Parata), Ethan Browne (Tane Parata) and Patrick O’Connor (Dean Thompson).

Before returning for another spell in 2016 and 2017, Heath, who is thought to be returning as a guest, was a regular on Home and Away between 2011 and 2014.

Ari’s past is revealed as an old flame arrives

The Home and Away bosses announced that this year, when his old flame Mia, played by Anna Samson, arrives at Summer Bay, Ari will face his own blast from the past.

Ari and Mia were together years ago, but their relationship was struck by tragedy when they lost a baby boy together. Afterward, Ari went on a downward spiral and ended up in jail when Mia cut herself off for good from him.

Mia and her daughter Chloe, played by Sam Barrett, will join Bay. Ari was once Chloe’s father figure, so how is he going to react when the family he once knew shows up? Could this impact his relationship with Mac at the moment?

Ryder enjoys a new romance

Although Chloe has known Nikau since they were younger, Bella seems to have nothing to worry about, as Ryder is going to be the love interest of the newcomer.

Late last year, Lukas Radovich and Sam Barrett, who play Ryder and Chloe, were pictured shooting romantic Palm Beach scenes together. Since his ill-fated fling with Jade Lennox last year, this will be Ryder’s first relationship.

Ari and Tane remain in danger

Thanks to the gang to which he owes money, the 2020 season ended with Tane and his family still in danger. One last dodgy work had been accepted by Tane and Ari to pay off the debt, but at the end of the year the plot remained unresolved.

Tane’s tormentors are unlikely to disappear quietly, although there have been few spoilers showing how the scenario plays out from here. Is the expected work going to go ahead?

Tane and Ziggy’s romance begins

For months, Tane and Ziggy have been getting closer and this year they’ve been heavily tipped to become a proper couple. The official trailer for 2021 by Home and Away shows Ziggy struggling to resist Tane, especially as he steps up his flirtatious attempts to win her over.

Dean is still heartbroken and wants her back over his split from Ziggy, but will he continue his efforts in 2021, or quietly back down and let her be happy with another man?

Martha’s son reveals his dark side

The final Australian episodes of 2020 also included the arrival of another new character played by Rick Donald, Martha’s secret son Kieran. For some time, Martha had been estranged from Kieran and reluctantly confided about their fraught past in her home.

In episodes broadcast in Australia, Kieran is a recovering alcoholic and has already shown an offensive side. Alf will become uneasy about his involvement in the Bay during the new season, but Martha can’t help defending her son. Is Alf right to worry about it, and could it lead to a split between the Stewarts?

Christian’s past is revealed

For Christian, Lewis’ arrival would also spark an interesting new plot. Lewis works as a nurse and he’s alarmed to remember him from the past when he crosses paths with Christian at the hospital.

Lewis blames his late partner’s death on the surgeon and attempts to warn Jasmine that Christian is a threat to his patients. While he quickly understands that it’s best not to make a scene, he promises from now on to watch Christian like a hawk.

“Lewis wants to get into it with Ditch Davey’s character Christian Green, but when he reconnects with Jasmine, he’s torn between his budding new romance and his building obsession with Christian.”Lewis wants to get into it with Christian Green, the character of Ditch Davey, but when he reconnects with Jasmine, he is torn between his budding new romance and Christian’s building obsession.

Jasmine’s new romance

The 2020 season finale of Home and Away introduced Lewis Hayes’ character, played by Luke Arnold. With his old flame, Jasmine, Lewis crossed paths by chance and obviously enjoyed catching up.

Jasmine’s reunion with Lewis will take a romantic turn in the new season, giving her a chance to move on after the tragic death of Robbo.

“They had a real connection, there were flirty times, but it never really turned into a relationship,” Luke told TV Tonight recently.

“The first part of the story is really about him working out whether he can move on from a tragedy he’s gone through recently, and whether Jasmine can play a part in that.”


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