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Home and Away Spoilers for the UK – Trouble at the Parata house

As he returned from a trip away bloodied and battered, Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) caused shockwaves last week. Having recently engaged in some more illegal activity, after a scheduled meeting went wrong, Tane ended up lumbered with a van full of stolen goods.

Storing it at Summer Bay Auto, as she heard Tane on the phone explaining the true reason the van had materialized in the garage, new boss Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) fumed.

Ziggy decided to let Tane store the van at the farm while he went to the city to try to arrange its disposal, not wanting to get garage owner Justin (James Stewart) into any trouble. But after several days of Tane’s silence, Ziggy decided to take matters into her own hands.

Returning to the farmhouse in their absence, his meeting in the city clearly has not gone too well, a seriously injured Tane collapsed on the floor and wasn’t found until Mackenzie (Emily Weir) returned home the next day.

Rushed into hospital with a torn liver, Tane was still desperate to get in touch with Ziggy about the van, and it soon became apparent why. Tane admitted to nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) that he’d since discovered the van actually had drugs concealed in the panels.

He later received a text message suggesting that Tane and his family were becoming increasingly impatient with the people with whom he was working. Tane urged him to go out of harm’s way, with Nik in the process of deciding whether to travel back to New Zealand to be with mum Gemma.

Ziggy and Willow return from their trip this week as we re-join the action, happy to finally be out of the van, as Tane decides to discharge himself from the hospital. He’s surprised when she tells him that the van is gone when Ziggy eventually catches up with Tane to give him a serve about vanishing.

A stranger, Paul (Jack Finsterer), shows up in Salt later that week and asks Mackenzie about Tane. He honestly asks her to send a message—Tane runs out of time.

Tane has no pleasure in coming up with the capital, but at the moment he can get in, there are no jobs. As she pushes for more details, Mackenzie relays Paul’s message to Tane, but Tane simply states that it was a guy he used to work with and asks her not to tell Ari.

Mackenzie overhears Tane speak to a worried Ziggy in the garden the next morning, and Tane is compelled to clean her up. If that wasn’t enough, it’s not long before Ari goes to the debate as well.

Ari can’t believe what he’s saying but knows quickly that since they might all be in danger, there’s no use arguing about it. As Nik, Bella (Courtney Miller), and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) arrive for Nik & Bella’s farewell BBQ, the moment is then disrupted.

Mackenzie, adamant that the party should go ahead, gets to work. Yet moments later, Ryder declares that they seem to have some company as the sound of screeching tyres is heard from outside.

Paul, alongside one of his men holding a crowbar, emerges from the vehicle. Until another car pulls up with Leon Carruthers (Will McNeill) and a heavy one, Ari and Tane approach and say they leave.

Viewers will recall Leon as Tane’s former associate who tried to persuade him last year to take part in a job. When Tane declined, before glassing Tane in the stomach with a broken bottle, Leon caused a scene in Salt.

With Bella and Ryder now filled in the whole story inside the home, Ryder wants to call the cops, but the others warn him not to, it’s only going to make things worse.

Outside, when Paul wants to know where his $25k is, things are getting hotter. One of Paul’s guys, unhappy with the response, smashes Ari’s headlight, prompting Nik to run outside to try and help.

But this just causes tensions to blow, and as Tane begins to combat one of the men attempting to strike him with a baseball bat, the three Paratas end up battling the gang members in a major war.

The Paratas approach Leon and Paul after having taken down the two heavy ones. When several police cars approach, however, a surprise development stops them in their tracks.

With it looking likely the Paratas will end in more trouble, much to the delight of Colby (Tim Franklin), will the plan of this scupper Nik to leave the country with Bella?


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