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‘Home and Away’ spoilers: Justin Morgan confronts an intruder!

When Justin Morgan (James Stewart) encounters an intruder at Summer Bay Auto on Home and Away, he is taken aback (6.00 pm – see our TV Guide for full listings).

Justin got a call saying there was a possible break-in at the garage just as he was attempting to wrap his brain around the notion that John Palmer (Shane Withington) is the new owner of Summer Bay Auto…

As the police arrive, Justin rushes over to the garage to investigate, arming himself with a handy tool, but just as he’s about to confront the thief, he realizes it’s the garage’s new owner, John!

When cop Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) comes, he realizes it’s a false alarm and discovers John and Justin arguing about the security system.

Cash informs the guys that he can either charge John with breaking and entering or they can settle it amongst themselves.

They each agree to take care of it on their own.

Justin vents his frustrations to Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) and Marilyn Chambers (Emily Simons), who advise Justin to set some limits so that he and John can sing from the same hymn sheet.

When Justin and John meet at Salt, things start out well as they each try to explain where they’re coming from, but it doesn’t take long for John to overstep the mark once more… Will they be able to come to an agreement?

After a great first date with Cash, Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) is unsure of where she stands.

She hasn’t heard from Cash in a couple of days and is perplexed by the contradictory messages. Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) advises that the only way to find out what’s going on with Cash is to call him and find out where they stand…

When Jasmine calls, she accuses him of ghosting her and leaves a scathing message for Cash while he is busy resolving the issues between John and Justin.

Later, the two work out their differences and go to Salt for a drink, but just as things are getting back on track, Jasmine notices Cash has a call from someone named Felicity, which he ignores.

Cash’s phone lights up again with texts from Felicity just as they lean in for a kiss, but rather than ignore them, he makes a hurried leave, leaving Jasmine perplexed…

WHO the heck is FELICITY?

Meanwhile, Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and her mother Martha (Belinda Giblin) are planning a charity event to raise money for mental health, but Alf (Ray Meagher) concerns that Martha is taking on too much and that it will lead to another breakdown.

Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) offers that she and Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) take care of the cuisine for their benefit. Roo and Martha think it’s a brilliant idea, even if their last catering endeavor was a fiasco…

It also inspires Chloe to consider restarting their catering business if they start delivering fresh food to people’s doors, but as Ryder points out, where will they acquire the money to restart their business?


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