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Home and Away spoilers: WHO is Cash Newman’s mystery woman?

In-Home and Away, Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) left his date with Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) as a call from Felicity lit up his phone (6.00 pm – see our TV Guide for full listings).

Jasmine’s super-confused about where things are heading with Cash.

Despite a fantastic first date, Jasmine had not heard from Cash and was concerned that he had abandoned her. Things seemed to be back on track once we talked it out…

That was until Cash received a call from Felicity and raced away as the mystery woman lit up his phone with a slew of texts!

When Jasmine tells Irene and Marilyn about her anxieties, they don’t exactly put her mind at ease, leading her to believe that this Felicity person is Cash’s girlfriend or wife!

Jasmine has completely got it wrong though because it turns out that Felicity is Cash’s sister!

When Cash comes across Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) fighting with a neighbor, he calms her down and takes her home, where she shoves a notice to vacate in his face.

Cash is told by Felicity to take care of his cop duties and sort things out, but when he phones the real estate agent, he discovers that they already have three notices that she has hidden from him.

Cash later seeks down Jasmine to apologize for running away just as they were about to have a cheeky kiss, but she’s uninterested in hearing what he has to say… until he discloses that Felicity is his sister.

Turns out Felicity is a bit of a handful! 

Cash tells Jasmine about his sister and tries to explain why Felicity is acting so strangely. He explains how Felicity has gone off the rails since their father died, and how he is now doing everything he can to keep an eye on her.

Jasmine agrees to go on another date with Cash, despite her concerns about Felicity.

Tane Parata (Ethan Brown) goes into town to forget about his failed love with Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) to let off steam.

When he walks inside a nightclub, he sees Felicity, a stunning blonde who has also come to town to escape her problems!

Like a moth to a flame, Felicity approaches Tane and starts flirting with him.

There’s obvious chemistry between the pair as they dance and drink together.

Things become a little Coyote Ugly towards the end of the night when Felicity complains about the lack of service and leaps atop the bar for a dance before helping herself to a drink!

Initially, Tane warns her against it, but Felicity just smiles and informs him that this is where she works

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  • Later, Felicity and Tane head back to her place…

    The next morning, Tane wakes up in Felicity’s bed and tries to sneak away…

    However, just as Tane’s doing the walk of shame, things are awkward.

    com when he is confronted by Felicity’s brother Cash!

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  • Meanwhile, Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) has become fixated on the notion of launching a catering business with Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich). Ryder, on the other hand, is eager to point out that they’ll need insurance, supplies, and an industrial kitchen to get started. All of these things cost money, and the money they do have is currently being utilized to repay their tremendous debt.

    But there’s a way where there’s a will! Chloe has the brilliant idea of launching their new business from the Diner’s kitchen.

    Chloe arranges for Ryder to meet her at the Diner with supplies and fabricates the fact that Irene and Leah have agreed to let her use their kitchen. Ryder and Chloe realize they only have three hours to clean the completely filthy kitchen after they finish cooking and shooting images for their website. When Marilyn arrives at open-up, Ryder has finished his work and is putting out the trash.

    Will she work out what they have been up to?


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