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Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou reveals how she has changed her plans for Christmas.

Ada Nicodemou is looking forward to Christmas, even though this year, COVID-19 has made things a little different.

On Sunday, the Home and Away actress, 43, told that she is not going to meet friends and extended family.

Instead, it’s just going to be a small family affair with her son, Johnas, 8, and her partner, Adam Rigby, 50, and her mother and brother.

‘I am also going to wake up with Adam and Johnas on Christmas morning and open presents. Then there’s lunch with my mom at my brother’s house,’ she said.

With her mother, Ada will keep others at bay in an age group that is at higher risk due to COVID.

‘It’s going to be just us hanging out. No one else is coming over the magazine told the soap star.

Ada praised her four-year-old partner, the businessman Adam, earlier this year for being such a great stepfather to her son.

The actress told TV Week: “It is incredibly special for a man to come into my world and love a child as if he were his own and love me like I’ve never been loved before.”

Ada and her ex-husband, Chrys Xipolitas, share custody of Johnas.

Ada also told the magazine that with age and due to the pandemic, she will become more vocal.

‘I’m not sure what it is but about this year and maybe my age, there’s something that my give-a-s**t radar went out the window,’ Ada told the publication.

‘We all suffered a horrible year and I only said to myself, “I’m just going to say what I want to say.” Let’s get back to the basics and bring our lives back with empathy and compassion.’


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