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Home and Away star addresses shock death scenes in the latest episode

Redacted reveals all about their “amazing” stunt.

One of Home and Away‘s newest recruits has already bid farewell to Summer Bay, with recent scenes airing in Australia revealing the sudden death of Rachel Young.

Rachel, played by Marny Kennedy, was killed off in yesterday’s (June 24) Australian episode, just moments after she’d been released from hospital after weeks of treatment from Christian Green.

Rachel was sadly died after being hit by a hit-and-run vehicle in a bizarre accident after overcoming her horrific skydiving mishap. Despite Christian’s best attempts, she died after failing to respond to CPR.

Marny told Home and Away fans that she had a “wonderful day” recording her final sequences with her stunt double Mel Eckert.

“The last piece for Rachel’s adventure, we had a big stunt day out on site,” the actress stated in an Instagram video published by Home and Away. Mel Eckert, my wonderful stunt double, was absolutely fantastic.

Dean Gould, who’s one of the stunt coordinators, I worked with when I was about 14 years old. We worked on a few jobs together, so it was actually amazing. He sort of rocks up and goes, ‘Right, we’re hitting you with a car today?’ I went, ‘Hey Dean, good to see you too.'”

Despite her short stint in Summer Bay, Marny seemed happy with her character’s exit. “It was an amazing day, you know,” she added.

“I love any opportunity to do stuff like that, stunt days and that sort of thing, but it’s great when you see old mates from around the traps as well.”

Fans will have to wait and watch how Rachel’s accident impacts Christian, who came to grips with surviving Lewis’ assassination attempt by believing he was sent to the airfield to save Rachel.

Unable to save Rachel a second time, the question remains, will Christian be okay?


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