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Home and Away star breaks silence after being killed off

Rachel, a newcomer to Summer Bay, was killed off on Home and Away last week in a shocking automobile accident, which no one saw coming.

When the heroine, played by Marny Kennedy, was fatally hit by a car in horrifying scenes, she had just been released from the hospital after spending weeks recovering from a skydiving accident under the watchful supervision of Dr. Christian Green (Ditch Davey).

Rachel succumbed to her injuries in the terrible moments, despite Christian’s heroic attempts to save her.

Marny Kennedy spoke out after she was killed off on Home and Away after a short stint.

Marny came to Home and Away’s official Instagram account after her brief but beautiful stay in Summer Bay to share her thoughts on her character’s parting heartbreaking moments.

“We had a big stunt day out on location for Rachel’s final part.” Mel Eckert, my wonderful stunt double, was incredible,” the former child star recalled.

“I worked with Dean Gould, one of the stunt coordinators, when I was approximately 14 years old.” We had a lot of fun working together on a couple of projects. ‘Right, we’re going to hit you with a car today?’ he says, sort of rocking up. ‘Hey Dean, nice to see you,’ I said.

Marny’s character Rachel had been recovering from a skydiving accident in hospital under the watchful eye of Dr Christian Green (Ditch Davey, pictured).

“It was a wonderful day, you know,” she continued. I enjoy any opportunity to do things like that, stunt days and the like, but it’s even better when you run across old friends from around the traps.”

Marny had expressed her disappointment at missing out on a position on the legendary Channel Seven series in an interview conducted several years before she was cast as Rachel.

“When I was about 21, a role in Home And Away came up,” Marny told TV WEEK in 2018.

“I’d never lent toward the Home And Away sort of role, but I hadn’t worked for so long, so I went for it. I didn’t end up getting it.”

At the time, the disappointment of missing out affected the young actress hard.

“I’d flown to Sydney and caught up with my cousin who lives here,” the Mortified actress recalled.

“He was so excited about the idea of me joining him, so when I didn’t get the role, I hit rock bottom.”

Marny previously confessed she “hit rock bottom” when she missed out on a role on Home and Away.


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