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Home and Away star Dan Ewing’s ex-wife Marni Little battling breast cancer

Home and Away star Dan Ewing’s ex-wife, Marni Little, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

On December 10, the comedy author and mother of two, 37, shared the tragic news on her blog, More Than A Little.

Marni announced she had undergone a double mastectomy two days before Christmas in a follow-up article on Instagram last week.

“A breast cancer diagnosis three weeks ago proved extremely overwhelming for me as a comedy writer and a lover of pushing feelings deep inside and masking them with sarcasm,” she wrote on her blog.

It was only in May of last year that Marni and her husband, David Robertshaw, welcomed her second child, son Charlie. Also, she shares with Dan a six-year-old son, Archie.

Marni explained how she fell pregnant in her blog and moved to the Gold Coast at the beginning of 2020 with David.

But she suffered a miscarriage soon after they moved, and her diagnosis of cancer came only a few months later.

‘I’m here on the Gold Coast, five months after we lost the baby, studying breast clinics and booking MRIs,’ she wrote.

‘At least we lived nearby, #silverlinings.’

Marni said that to be surrounded by her loved ones, she tried her best to ‘make sense’ of something so tragic and felt ‘highly grateful.’

Before her mastectomy last week, she had joked:’ I’m going to get a boob job done in the GC [Gold Coast], which isn’t something I planned at 37, but hey, when I’m 85, lemme tell you, I’m going to have fantastic breasts.’

Through a tough time, she thanked her fans for their help and vowed to keep them updated in the future with more fun blog material.

After the operation, Marni shared images from her hospital bed last week.

‘My lovely friends and family have really come through this week,’ she wrote. ‘I have earned a wonderful memory for every missed boob… Hang on… wait… Ok, that’s just two… I’ve won 52 memories for every boob lost. Memory to breast scale, 1:52.

She then posted a bittersweet image from her Christmas celebrations, saying her family was ‘making the most of whatever happens’.

In 2012, Marni married Dan, who plays Heath Braxton in Home and Away, and in 2014, they welcomed Archie Grason, a son. In 2016, they split.

At an intimate ceremony in Strath Creek, Victoria, she married David in October 2018. They went on to have a boy, son Charlie, together in May of last year.

Dan has been in a relationship since December 2016 with dancer Katrina Risteska.


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