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Home and Away star Ethan Browne reveals the emotional real-life challenge of working on the show

Ethan Browne, star of Home and Away, has opened up about an emotional and unexpected real-life problem he’s dealing with while filming the serial in Australia.

When Browne, who plays Tane Parata, originally joined the series, he traveled from New Zealand to Australia in the hopes of being able to visit his family and friends on a regular basis.

Unfortunately for Ethan, the coronavirus pandemic and resulting travel restrictions have made it difficult for him to travel – and the actor has now confirmed that he will not be able to return to New Zealand for the holidays.


It’s been “difficult” not being able to see his 13-year-old daughter as often as he’d want, the Home and Away star told Kiwi portal thing.

“It’s been tough. As much as I love working here, if I’d known I wouldn’t be able to go home, I might have thought twice about it,” Ethan admitted.

“I only took the role because I knew I’d be able to go home or bring my daughter over here. It’s been a real challenge in that regard.”

Fans of Tane Parata shouldn’t be concerned about Ethan taking a break from Summer Bay because the actor is still enjoying his time on the show.

“In terms of the work itself, it’s been great,” he added. “I feel like I’ve molded into the group pretty well and I really love it.”

Ethan also teased a future plot with the Parata family, in which Home and Away will honor the characters’ Mori heritage.

“There’s something coming up – I can’t say what – but there are quite a few storylines that integrate the culture back in which is really cool,” he teased. “I think some of that might not have been shown on Australian TV before.”


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