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Home and Away Star; In the reel, they are broke up but in reality, they are a couple

Home and Away has confirmed that there is heartbreak in store for Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson, a seemingly solid couple, as they are expected to have a traumatic break-up. but still, they are an offscreen couple, Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor, who are dating in real life.

On a long-running soap, the pair was played a loved-up couple Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson.

As just good friends and things grew from there,’ Soph and Paddy (Patrick) really began. They are super private and want as much as possible to keep things between them,

Sophie and Patrick have been hanging out for some time now but it is unclear when things got urgent, Instagram photos show.

The earliest post of the pair together offset was on 15 November 2020.

For much longer than Patrick, Sophie has been a cast member, having played Ziggy Astoni since June 2017.

Initially, Dean and Ziggy didn’t get along well with Home and Away, before becoming close friends and finally lovers.

Instagram posts show them going to the beach and restaurants, together and accompanying each other.

1 day ago, Patrick posted a bikini snap of Sophie, captioned: My Two favorite things!


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