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Home and Away star Jake Ryan reveals the ‘unspoken rule’ about leaving soaps for Hollywood

Hollywood superstars Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, and Isla Fisher all appeared in Australian soaps early in their careers.

And Home and Away star Jake Ryan has revealed there is an ‘unspoken rule’ when it comes to leveraging local TV stardom into that next big role.

‘I believe there is a timeline of staying [on a soap] too long,’ he told Daily Mail Australia this week.

Jake, who starred from 2017 to 2020 in Home and Abroad, has recently turned his attention to roles in films.

He praised the long-running Chanel Seven program, saying it gave him “more time on the screen than most people dream of in their entire career.”
Jake added:’ I believe I needed those hours under my belt for me to make any progress anywhere. It’s an invaluable opportunity and the speed with which you work is fantastic. On set, you just get really relaxed.’


Although he agrees that ‘staying too long’ is possible, Jake says that no actor is ever too good for a television soap.

‘It’s an invaluable experience and the pace you work at is incredible’: Australian soaps have helped launch the careers of Hollywood superstars Chris Hemsworth (left), Margot Robbie and Isla Fisher. Jake claims they are a great place to get ‘hours and experience under the belt’

‘If you think you’re too good for soaps then good luck sitting on the sidelines’: Jake (left) said no actor is ever too good to appear on TV soaps, as they offer more on-screen time in a few years than most actors would dream of in their entire careers

‘It is work at the end of the day. You might choose not to go to anything like Home and Away because you might think you’re better than that and you might not work for a year, or you might spend a year doing 200 episodes and paying your bills,’ he said.

‘I think there are some great people signing on to soaps, particularly in this day and age, and with the state of the industry.

‘Work is work, and if you think you’re too good for soaps, then good luck sitting on the sidelines waiting to take on that major job, because it may never come.’

On his latest press circuit for the film Savage, which is inspired by the true stories of New Zealand street gangs, Ake spoke with Daily Mail Australia.

A brutal enforcer of a gang named the Savages plays the actor, and sports distinctive facial tattoos.

The movie, directed by Sam Kelly, was filmed in October 2018, a year before Jake’s son, Wolf, was born.

Savage was released on October 8 in Australian cinemas.

Out now: Savage was released in Australian cinemas on October 8


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