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Home and Away star Nic Westaway’s INCREDIBLE body transformation will make your jaw drop

Nic Westaway and his character Kyle Braxton will be remembered by die-hard Home and Away fans.

Westaway appeared in the Australian soap from 2012 to 2016, and his sparkling smile and bad-boy good looks won him fans.

The brunette hunk has unveiled his astonishing bodily transformation – all achieved in only five short months – several years after he left the show to pursue his acting career.


If you follow Nic on Instagram, you’ll know that he’s now a certified personal trainer with an amazingly ripped physique. He has over 254,000 followers.

And the 30-year-old has shown just how much of a change he was able to make to his body.

Nic posted on Instagram, “Last year I became a qualified Personal Trainer and saw simple improvements make enormous impacts in people’s lives.”

“Fitness should be a complement to your other activities, not a substitute for them. Training can be simple. And by training, I mean working out, eating right, and allowing your body to recover “..

We’re not complaining because the Sydney-based hottie routinely posts stunning shirtless photos, as well as photographs of himself working out hard in the gym.

Fans of Home and Away were ecstatic to see Nic’s change and flocked to his Instagram account to congratulate him on his hard work in the gym.

One user joked, “Um Kyle Braxton’s coming back and he’s ready for the bay,” while another remarked, “Bruh Kyle can work at the gym then.”

Others credited Nic with motivating them to take control of their weight.
“You’re looking amazing, man. I’m trying to lose weight because it’s impacting my self-esteem. I suppose five months can make a big difference “one of the commenters stated.

Another person stated: “I’m just a random 18-year-old wreck, but I wish I had the confidence and determination that helps you build yourself up and become stronger; you certainly do, and I admire you for it. Man, congrats on the construction.”

Nic believes his high-profile work was actually a disservice to his dating life. You’d think his gorgeous good looks and the killer figure would make it easy to attract a female, but Nic says his high-profile career was actually a drawback to his dating life.

In 2016, he told the Daily Mail, “It’s impossible to have a relationship or a conversation with a girl if she thinks my ego is greater or lower than it should be when their job is just as important as mine.”


“They’ll sometimes position me above them,” he explained.

Nic used Tinder to meet women, and it’s where he met model Shenae Gillespie, who is now his ex-girlfriend.

“It’s a bit difficult meeting people out, so my friends urged me to use it,” he said of his Tinder experience to The West Australian.

“It’s an unusual thing; I had some friends that were on there, and I believe I simply got lucky.”


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