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Home and Away star Penny McNamee reveals which Tori storyline she suggested to the writers

Home and Away actress Penny McNamee shared with her character Tori Morgan the storyline she pitched for.

Viewers have seen Tori start a relationship with Christian Green, played by Ditch Davey, and Penny told TV Week that she gave the writers her opinion on what Tori’s boyfriend should be like.

“It’s time Tori had a solid love interest, so I said to the writers, ‘He needs to be a man, a grown-up who has his life together and they did a great job of writing the character,” she said.

“Ditch and I have a lot of trust in each other, which helps come across in storylines.”

Penny added that the viewers responded positively to the plot, which she was pleased about.

“I get people stopping me in the street and singing out, ‘Ooh, Tori and the hot doc!’,” she said. “I’ve never had that kind of reaction before so it’s nice to know people like it.

“Even people on set are drawn to Ditch because he’s just such a nice guy.”

Tori and Christian’s new relationship, however, was not completely smooth. Australian audiences have recently seen a pair clashing with each other as Tori’s problems with Jasmine Delaney resurface.


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