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Home and Away star Sam Frost denies that she’s dating hunky co-star Nicholas Cartwright – after fans were whipped into a frenzy over cozy photos of the pair together

Nicholas Cartwright joined the cast of Home and Away as Senior Sergeant Constable Cash Newman earlier this year.

And, like his character’s budding romance with Jasmine Delaney, his bond with Sam Frost has blossomed on screen.

The 32-year-old former Bachelorette star uploaded photos of the two together on her Instagram feed on Saturday, before dismissing rum ours that they are dating.

Shutting down rum ours: On Saturday, Home and Away actress Sam Frost shared a picture on Instagram alongside her co-star Nicholas Cartwright, before shutting down rum ours that the two are an item. Both pictured

‘I mean… we’re pretty much the same person,’ she commented with a series of photos of the duo holding drinks. Except I’m a lot more amusing.’

Friends and followers were overjoyed with Nicholas, 33, and Sam’s happy photographs, and the comment area was flooded with messages of congratulations.

When a fan inquired if they were dating in real life, Sam quickly debunked the rum ours, replying, ‘Nope.. sorry for Nic.’

Posting a series of pictures of the pair with a drink in hand, Sam wrote: ‘I mean… we’re pretty much the same person. Except I’m way funnier’
Close! The comment section was filled with messages of congratulations from friends and fans, who were thrilled by Nicholas, 33, and Sam’s happy snaps 

Despite this, viewers of Channel Seven’s soap opera expressed hope, saying, ‘Maybe one day, you might make a lovely handsome pair.’

Superfans of the show first expressed their want to see the on-screen couple go the distance back in September.

Summer Bay’s newbie was clothed in his police uniform and looked fondly at his leading woman in photos provided on the drama’s official Instagram at the time.

The look of love? Back in September, Home and Away viewers fawned over Summer Bay’s hot new couple. Photos on the drama’s official Instagram showed the newcomer dressed in his police uniform and looking lovingly at his leading lady
 At the time, Home and Away viewers shared their support for the genetically blessed couple, including one who commented: ‘This better be her happy ending’

‘We can’t get enough of this fresh Summer Bay romance as Cash arrives to save Jasmine’s day,’ read the caption, alluded to the cop’s heroic effort.

Viewers of Home and Away expressed their support for the genetically lucky pair at the time, with one saying, “This better be her happy ending.”

‘Yesssss One of my favourite characters is Jasmine. ‘She deserves a happy ending, that girl, she’s gone through so much,’ another commented, referring to the character’s prior romances.

‘These two are very cute,’ remarked another, who was followed by a fourth who said, ‘They form a great couple.’

Another wrote: ‘These two are so cute,’ followed by a fourth who said: ‘They make a great couple’ 


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