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Home and Away star Sam Frost enjoys a ‘Boxing Day beach sesh’ with her family

In Summer Bay, she’s the resident beach babe.

And on Saturday, with her family in Victoria, Home and Away star Sam Frost flaunted her epic physique as she left for a ‘Boxing Day beach sesh.’

On Friday, the stunning 31-year-old posted a photo of herself on Instagram, wearing nothing but a figure-hugging black swimsuit with white rim info.

She used a pair of gold-framed sunglasses, a straw hat and a gold necklace to fit her look.

Sam revealed in her stories that she and her two brothers, Josh and Jeff, had gone to the shore as they spent the festive season together.

Ever since appearing in Home and Away as Jasmine Delaney in 2017, Sam has flaunted her enviable figure.

Sam unveiled her favorite exercises earlier this year to hit the heart and the booty.

She does four sets of exercises for the booty, including squat jumps, step-ups and kicks from the donkey.

For the abs, she does four sets of exercises, including side bends and planks of the kettlebell.

Sam talked earlier about how she stays fit, telling Women’s Health last year in March that she changes it up as she gets ‘really bored at the gym.’

‘I probably exercise three times a week, but at the gym I get really bored, so I still have to change it up,’ Sam said.

‘I do a lot of core business. I hate legs, so I’m dealing with it.’

She added:’ I do boxing classes-when I do it, I feel like a boss-HIIT, barre, tennis and even trapeze.’


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