Home and Away star Sam Frost – Ziggy -Tori jogs on Sydney beach during filming

Sam Frost stars as nurse Jasmine Delaney in Home and Away.

And the reality TV star-turned-actress left her hospital scrubs behind last week and put on activewear to film some new scenes expected to air in 2021.

The 31-year-old looks sensational as she jogged to Palm Beach in Sydney.

She was clad in a pink, blue, and black tank top, paired with black leggings that were cropped to hug her slender frame.

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With a perfect foundation, mascara, a touch of lipstick on her cheeks, and nude pink lips, the blonde beauty styled her hair up in a messy bun and kept her makeup light.
She beamed as she slowed her tempo down to a brisk walk after doing her jog for the camera.

Sam was seen with her headphones on in between takes as a makeup artist made small touch-ups to her looks.


It was then time to get the actress back in front of the camera, with co-star Ditch Davey this time around.

When rehearsing their lines, the couple seemed to have stern expressions on their lips.

They took a rest from the fence afterward and seemed even more relaxed as they waited to be called back in front of the audience.

Break: Afterwards, they took a break by a fence and looked far more relaxed as they waited to be called back in front of the camera

Actress Penny McNamee, who plays Dr. Tori Morgan on the soap, was filming on the beach nearby.

As she reclined on a beach towel, clad in a flower print one-piece swimsuit with denim shorts, the 37-year-old turned up the heat.

A makeup artist was nearby to provide her still a perfect face with a simple touch.

Nearby, her co-star Ditch, who plays Dr. Christian Green, Dr. Tori’s love interest, was also on set to be styled for his Penny scene.

Actors James Stewart, Patrick O’Connor, and Lukas Radovich were filmed elsewhere on the island.

In the scene, James and Patrick were dressed for surfing, playing Justin Morgan, and Dean Thompson on a soap.

Lukas, who plays Ryder Jackson, talked to them as they strolled through the scene.

Onset: Filming elsewhere on the beach was actors James Stewart, Patrick O’Connor, and Lukas Radovich. In the scene, James and Patrick, who plays Justin Morgan and Dean Thompson on the soap, were dressed for the surf. Pictured left to right is Lukas, Patrick, and James

Bikini beauty: Also filming on the beach later in the day was Sophie Dillman (pictured), Kawakawa Fox-Reo, and Courtney Miller. Sophie, who stars in the soap as Ziggy Astoni, carried a surfboard as she flaunted her curves in a printed bikini top with black mini shorts

Drama: Courtney, who plays Bella Nixon, dressed for her scene in a bold red dress and held on to her black slides. Pictured left to right is Sophie, Courtney, and Kawakawa

Co-star Kawakawa, who plays her boyfriend Nikau Parata, was standing next to her, looking relaxed in a striped singlet with shorts.

But it seems like the scene between Ziggy and Bella, who seemed to have a fight, was far from comfortable.

Nikau appeared to try to quiet his girlfriend down as Ziggy backed away from an irritated looking Bella.

Yikes: The scene appeared to be far from relaxed between Ziggy and Bella who appeared to have a confrontation. As Ziggy walked away from an annoyed-looking Bella, Nikau appeared to try and calm his girlfriend down

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