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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman admits “backlash” over Ziggy and Dean’s split

Home and Away star Sophie Dillman has addressed the “backlash” over the recent split between her character Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson.

Ziggy broke up with Dean – played by Sophie’s real-life boyfriend Patrick O’Connor – earlier this year after discovering the facts about Ross Nixon’s murder and Dean’s role in the cover-up.

Speaking to TV Week, Sophie said she saw the fans’ enthusiastic reaction to the split as encouraging, as it turned out to be a “good conversation starter”

“We did get a bit of a backlash from fans when we broke up, but that means we did a really good job in conveying the storyline,” commented Sophie. It was a good start to a conversation about right versus wrong, and heart versus brain.

“Ziggy and Dean, however are very different from Pat and Sophie! “

“Patrick added: “This year, Dean was put through the ringer! But ideally, viewers will see why things ended up between them where they are.

Sophie spoke recently to Digital Spy about the break-up of Ziggy and Dean, admitting that when she first learned about the storyline, she was really shocked”

We got the writers’ heads-up, which is good because it ties in with all the stuff with Colby and Ross, and with Willow and Amber,”We did get a heads-up from the writers, which is good as it ties into all of the stuff with Colby and Ross, and Willow and Amber,” “It’s good to know in those heightened storylines so you can map what’s happening, where it’s happening and do the best job you can.”


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