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Home and Away stars tease Tori and Christian’s wedding episodes

For UK and Australian viewers.

Tori Morgan and Christian Green of Home and Away are poised to walk down the aisle this month after overcoming a slew of obstacles, and the couple’s imminent “ideal” wedding has been teased further by the soap’s stars.

The long-awaited wedding of Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey) was teased in a recent first-look commercial by Channel 7, the soap’s Australian network, and the private and romantic backyard ceremony surely looks joyful.

“When Tori’s wedding day finally arrives, she is in a blissful bubble of excitement, joy, and happiness,” actress Penny told TV Week. “She has waited a long time for this moment!”

The couple’s journey to wedded life has been long and winding. Christian’s initial engagement was shattered when he chose to focus on caring for a patient, Rachel Young (Marny Kennedy), whom he felt compelled to assist following a terrifying skydiving accident, rather than planning his wedding to Tori.

Christian proposed again when they restored their relationship, but their fresh wedding plans have also gone astray. Tori’s brother Justin Morgan (James Stewart) refuses to walk her down the aisle, adding to the tension in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

“Justin first declines to accompany Tori down the aisle because he believes he’ll be too emotional and end up blubbering… that the day isn’t about him,” actor James explained.

When Tori learns that her brother Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood) and half-sister Raffy Morrison (Olivia Deeble) will be unable to attend the wedding, Justin realises that he must be present for Tori and agrees to lead her down the aisle.

It’s unclear whether there will be any more twists, but Penny told TV Week that the private wedding will be “the perfect occasion to celebrate Tori and Christian’s love for one another.”

“The sun was warm and you could feel the love” as the group was filming the wedding episode, she said, adding that the couple’s ceremony was “simple, but incredibly moving and extremely significant.”

The wedding of Tori and Christian will air in Australia on September 27 and in the UK a few weeks later.

Tori and Christian formed a plan to move to London together, and fans are eager to see if they would actually leave Summer Bay.


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