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Home and Away stars who got their big break on Heartbreak High

Heartbreak High was the program that every Australian teen was fascinated with in the 90s, as the edgy equivalent to fellow soaps Home and Away and Neighbours.
But Heartbreak High, which is now streaming on Netflix, was a launch pad for local talent, as well as being the ideal forum to discuss real-life problems such as racism and human rights in a way that is fun and digestible for young audiences.

Most of the cast consisted of actors who had never been on TV before, and many of them went on to big stuff, including the most popular film, Home and Away, arguably in Australia.

Keep scrolling to find out any actor who made the move in Home and Away from Heartbreak High to the sandy shores of Summer Bay.


Ada Nicodemou is one of the most popular residents of Summer Bay these days, but back when the actress played feisty and fresh-faced teenager Katerina Ioannou, who shared ill-fated romances with the likes of Con (Salvatore Coco) and Charlie (Sebastian Goldspink).

After two decades in Summer Bay, Ada is one of the most popular stars of the show, joining Home and Away as Leah Patterson-Baker in 2000.


Oh, Drazic and his eyebrow ring. We dare you to name a more famous couple! Heartbreak High’s resident bad boy, Bogdan Drazic, was a breakthrough role for Callan Mulvey.

A bad boy once, and always a bad boy! In-Home and Away in 2008, Callan rose to trouble again when his character, gang member Johnny Cooper, infamously tormented residents of Summer Bay and coerced Brother Rocco into stabbing stalwart Sally (Kate Ritchie).


Lara Cox became a teenage TV queen in Heartbreak High, playing good girl Anita Scheppers and melting the hearts of teenage boys around the country.

Lara went on to have numerous guest roles in Home and Away after her iconic tenure on the show. Her last one in 2017, saw her play Quinn Jackson, Ryder’s estranged mum (Lukas Radovich)


In the final season in 1999, long-haired lothario Zac Croft made his Heartbreak High debut and was played by Luke Jacobz.

Years later, Luke took a gig at Home and Away, playing Cop Angelo from 2008 to 2011, just after the long locks got the chop. He recently handed the soap back and was responsible for bringing behind bars fan favorite Colby (Tim Franklin).


Sporty, good-looking, and somewhat broody, when he joined the show in 1997, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor’s Heartbreak High character Kurt Peterson had enough to send girls’ hearts aflutter.

JLT traveled the well-trodden road of migrating from Heartbreak High to Home and Away two decades after his big break when he signed up from 2016 to 2019 as Detective Dylan Carter in a recurring role.


Salvatore Coco and his character Costa “Con” Bordino made his name in Australian TV folklore as one of the original cast members from the very start of Heartbreak High all the way through to season four. With Katerina, one of his unforgettable romances was (played by Ada Nicodemou).

During a few brief stints in 2003 and 2005 on Home and Away, Salvatore reunited with former Heartbreak High co-star Ada. Interestingly, he played as her brother instead of playing her love interest this time around!


If only our teachers looked amazing like this! Before he got fired from school, Simon Baker was a teacher named Tom Summers at Hartley High back in season four for a hot minute.

When he stepped foot in Summer Bay from 1993 to 1994, the acclaimed Hollywood star also played another teacher, this time a photography teacher named James Hudson. Simon, did they know that you got booted from your last school?


A staple in the early years, from 1994 to 1997, Ivar Kants played the stern father of Con, Roberto Bordino.

Ivar went on to depict Principal Barry Hyde on Home and Away, the father of Kim’s character Chris Hemsworth, continuing the trend of playing fathers. Yeah, and he had a bit of an Irene (Lynne McGranger) romance too!


Danny Raco, who took on the role of Marco Vialli, was another cast member to appear in the last season of Heartbreak High.

Danny joined Home and Away in 2001, a few years after Heartbreak High was axed. Reuniting with former co-star Ada, Danny played Alex Poulos, Leah’s brother.


Tina Bursill, who now stars as Doctor Doctor, played Hilary, the long-suffering mother of Anita and Ryan Scheppers.

She had a blink on Home and Away-and-you’ll miss the 2001 guest stint as Vinnie Patterson’s (Ryan Kwantan) mum. She portrayed a slightly different character a decade earlier, playing headmistress Louis Crawford for 23 episodes.


In its final season, actress Tasneem Roc first found fame playing student activist Thania Saya, entering Heartbreak High.

Tasneem starred as Hugo Austin’s (Bernard Curry) wife Suzy Sudiro for seven episodes of Home and Away in 2009 – much to Hugo’s girlfriend Martha’s shock (Jodi Gordon).


The role of Fleur Beauport, Nikki, who appeared in season six, was a Heartbreak High scene-stealer until her run ended when she left to recover from a nervous breakdown. When she quit her role as Stephanie in Home and Away in 1997, after falling from a cliff, her departure was just as dramatic when the character was killed off. Uh, brutal!


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