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Home and Away viewers were disappointed by the final episode of the Australian season.

Usually, home and away viewers can’t get enough of the soap’s season finales, because, yeah, they’re usually jam-packed full of suspense.

However, his most recent one left them feeling frustrated.

The show teased the prospect of a new relationship for Jasmine in the episode that was promised to end on a cliffhanger, gave audiences a snapshot of Kieran’s troubled past, saw Ziggy and Tane spend a romantic night together and left Colby’s future unclear as volatile criminals approached him in jail.

It may sound like a lot to cram in but it’s understandable that they thought it was a bit lacklustre because those who have been watching for years are accustomed to shock exits, car accidents or deadly blasts.

“I feel like the finale should have been a few weeks ago when Willow was found to be Witness X! That was more exciting.. can’t say it was much of a ‘cliff hanger’ really one fan wrote a farewell post on the official Instagram page of the series below.

“Disappointing finale, I saw the cliffhanger that happened at the end in the promo for the finale. Was just like a normal episode of Home and Away,” another said, while a third said The worse season finale, boring and disappointing with no cliffhanger.”

One fan said WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT,” while another wondered aloud: “Where was the cliffhanger???”

“The best part was what happened with Willow [Witness X] the other week, it should of ended on that,” argued another, repeating an earlier comment.


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