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Home and Away-Who is Witness X in the assassination plot of Colby Thorne?

The demise of Colby Thorne has been aired by Home and Away and ruthless investigator Angelo Rosetta has a mystery witness to thank for it.

Episodes on Australian screens this week saw Colby get arrested for the murder of Ross Nixon, his abusive stepfather. Since somebody stepped forward to offer fresh proof against Colby, Angelo opted to take action.

“The name of the person in question has not been announced by Home and Away supervisors, billing them only as the extremely enigmatic” Witness X. But should we merge the clues to find out who deceived Colby?

1. Dean Thompson

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Why it may have been him: this year, Dean and Colby’s once rock-solid relationship came under considerable pressure, slowly eroding the ties of trust between them. Dean also blames Colby in part for thwarting his attempt to escape with Jai to Queensland, which later gave Amber the ability to do her vanishing act with the youngster.

Angelo, who promised leniency for his involvement in Ross’s death if he cooperated, also previously gave Dean a settlement. Dean seemed to give the bid some consideration, much to Colby’s concern.

Why it could not be him: Dean was right by Colby’s side when Ross was shot by a crooked cop and helped him bury the body. As he was closely involved and committed a serious crime himself, Dean, despite Angelo’s assurances, would take a big risk for his future by cooperating with the authorities.

River Boys are still distrustful of the police, something we are reminded of when Dean is seen voicing his indignation over “a rodent” dobbing Colby in Home and Away’s “Witness X” trailer. This is definitely not just an act?

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2. Bella Nixon

Why it could be her: this year, Bella has drifted away from her brother, when she is horrified by his steady change to the dark side. She also found eerie parallels in the acts of Colby and her abusive father’s conduct.

Bella never thought that his murder was anything to rejoice about, even though Ross was bad. Colby’s efforts to meddle with her friendship with Nikau, partially due to the irony of his frosty attitude towards the Paratas, have often left her irritated.

Why it might not be her: even though there were several rows between Bella and Colby, in the end, she still appears to remain faithful to him. She knows that she and Colby only have each other to rely on, in terms of family. She denies being accountable for the witness declaration in Home and Away’s trailer.

Bella is also well aware that Colby has in the past taken considerable risks to defend her, which may mean that by making a declaration to the authorities, she will be hesitant to turn against him.

3. Willow Harris

Why it may have been her: Willow played a more remote part in the cover-up of Colby and was not personally involved in the murder of Ross. This means it would be less of a personal risk for her to cooperate with the police.

Willow was still clearly intrigued when she found out that Angelo had given Dean a contract. Notably, Dean’s ability to accept the proposal and consider what was right for himself was vocally defended by her.

Why it may not be her: many of Willow’s plots revolve around her closest friends being covered. She also helped Ziggy get rid of Tane’s stolen van full of dodgy gear in the last fortnight.

Over the years, Willow has always been true to Dean and Colby, but it will be a major jump for her to break the Mangrove River crew code by speaking to the authorities.


4. Nikau Parata

Why it might be him: Nikau has never been on good terms with Colby, who, from almost day one, has disapproved of Bella’s friendship with him. Colby has also several times created trouble for the Parata family, including when he placed a block on their passports and prevented them from flying for Mikaere’s send-off to New Zealand. Nikau was saddened by this, as he was deprived of an opportunity to say goodbye to his late father.

Most recently, Colby threatened to deter Bella from joining New Zealand’s Nikau for a new life. Might this have been Nikau’s last straw?

Why it may not be him: like the River Boys, Nikau, and the Parata family, their close links to the police are not exactly understood. For Nikau to go out of his way to cooperate with the police and betray someone will definitely be out of character.

It is also possible that Nikau will be fearful of Bella’s backlash if he caused her brother any big problems, considering how close they are.

5. Ziggy Astoni

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Why it could be her: When Ziggy found out the truth about Ross’s murder, she showed that she disapproved by immediately dumping Dean for his role in the cover-up. Regardless of how evil Ross was, Ziggy is steadfast in her belief that there’s no excuse for murder.

Colby also turned nasty with Ziggy by paying a visit to her home and threatening her to keep quiet. Was Ziggy biding her time before getting even?

Why it may not be her: Ziggy is still loyal towards Dean, despite their break-up, and would be concerned about the consequences for him if she came clean with what she knows over Colby.

Ziggy also wasn’t a witness to Ross’s murder and only knows the truth from what Dean told her, which may not necessarily be strong enough to be treated as a breakthrough in the case.

6. Mackenzie Booth

Why it may be her: as far as we’re aware, Mackenzie doesn’t know the truth about the murder of Ross, but the “Witness X” trailer from Home and Away has shown that this might change eventually. This places her on the list of suspects.

Mackenzie is not a drug crime advocate and has sought to get the Parata family straight and narrow before. So if her boat would not float with dodgy deals and drug dramas, we can only guess how she would feel after a murder.

Why it may not be her: Mackenzie doesn’t seem to know much about the murder of Ross at the moment, while Angelo already has his witness statement. This might seem to rule Mac out unless a twist is put back by Home and Away managers.

In the past, Mackenzie has also shown her integrity and may be unable to betray her brother Dean and ex-lover Colby.

7. Chelsea Campbell

Why it could be her: While she does not appear in the promo of Home and Away, since the beginning of 2019, Chelsea has known Colby ‘s murderous secret. This makes it likely that in this puzzle, she may always be a wildcard.

Once she learned he’d murdered Ross, Chelsea stormed out on Colby, but it’s obvious the murder doesn’t sit well with her. As a policewoman who likes to do something in a book, by helping him close his file, Chelsea should have chosen to put Angelo out of his misery.

For those who enjoy creative wordplay, it’s also worth noting that, since Colby and Chelsea were together, Witness X may have a double sense. Could Witness X be Witness Ex in reality?

Why it may not be her: Chelsea is not in the cast at the moment and there was no news on her part being reprised by Ashleigh Brewer. If Home and Away bosses had decided to get her back without spoilers spilling out in the papers, that would have been a huge deal.

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