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Home and Away’s Dean Thompson fears losing Jai forever after kidnap plan

Dean Thompson of Home and Away may have fucked things up for good with his son Jai, after next week’s abduction drama unfolds.

In the scenes that UK viewers will see in the first week of 2021 after he feels Amber and Francesca are not looking at him properly, Dean has taken Jai away, and no-one knows where they have gone.

Everyone begins to worry about the case, and people are rounded up by Amber to look for them. At one of Dean’s underground childhood hangouts, though Jai is healthy, people are still horrified.

Colby finally discovers the pair, and he threatens to have the desperate dad arrested for abduction after learning that Dean wants to escape Queensland with his son. Dean tries to paint it as an adventure for Jai, but the kid is worried about his mother, and Dean gives in.

While Jai is safely returned, Amber and her mother are still still angry and the divide between the parents could be worse than ever.

Both Colby and Dean themselves express concern that after this, the latter will lose the right to see his son, but will she really go through with it?

Recently, shooting wrapped up on the Australian soap for 2020, and the cast and crew expressed their appreciation with viewers, thus making a big announcement before the end of the year.


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