Home and Away’s Dean’s fatherhood dreams have been crushed

Home and Away, after Amber Simmons suddenly left Summer Bay with Jai, left the future of Dean Thompson’s fatherhood storyline unclear.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) was seeking a new path for the show, as his life was turned upside down when he recently learned that he had a son.

Episodes on Australian screens this week saw Dean make peace with Amber (Madeleine Jevic) following his ill-fated decision to run away with their son Jai.
Much to the relief of Dean, after accepting that her mother Francesca had played a role in worsening the situation, Amber was willing to give him another opportunity.

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Dean was pleased as his access to Jai was restored, but Amber was also secretly wondering in a private conversation with Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) if they could ever really move on from what had happened.

By leaving Summer Bay with Jai (River Jarvis) and going to stay at a friend’s home, Amber made a drastic move of her own the following day. Without giving any warning to Dean, she resigned.


Amber told Dean that she didn’t want Jai to be caught up in the toxic fight between him and her mom in a subsequent phone call to justify her decision.

Amber told Dean that Jai would be able to make a long-term decision about whether to have a relationship with him once he was older.


Dean was left devastated at the thought that for years he would not see Jai again, with his chance of happiness now apparently shattered. Amber and Jai, are they really out of their lives for good?

The Australian episodes of Home and Away are actually playing out one month ahead of the UK broadcasts on Channel 5.

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