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Home and Away’s Ethan Browne surprises daughter

For many families around the world, this year’s once-in-a-lifetime pandemic has wrought heartbreak and turmoil.

And also stars from the most popular show in Australia, Home and Away, have not been exempt from the disease’s flow-on effects, most importantly the travel restrictions placed in place worldwide.

Travel restrictions affected New Zealand-born Ethan Browne, 29, who plays Tane Parata, as he was separated from his 13-year-old daughter Aaylah for most of 2020.

Because of his Home and Away gig, the actor, who is based in Sydney, was not able to visit his daughter, who appears to be living in his home country of New Zealand, but went back to surprise her at Christmas.

Home and Away’s Ethan Browne (pictured) captured her for Christmas after being kept apart from his daughter for much of 2020.

Ethan posted beautiful footage of the moment (which you can watch above) when he met Aaylah on Instagram, who had no idea he was coming.

Before the pair shared a tender embrace, the video featured doting father Ethan catching the young teen off-guard.

“After almost a year apart, my daughter was shocked. For so long, a moment I’ve thought and fantasized about,’ Ethan captioned the post.

“I can’t express how hard it was on this stretch. It’s nonsensical and indescribable. COVID has stripped away our capacity to move freely, and to be with our loved ones physically.

Ethan proceeded to reveal his appreciation for the moment, obviously encouraged to be able to spend time with Aaylah again.

But love goes beyond the physical, and only our connection has been strengthened by distance and lost time. We are here and now, and again, our hearts are whole,” he wrote.”

I give all my love and strength to parents who have been separated from their children because of the events of this year, and to those who can’t see their loved ones at Christmas. To my baby, you’re the whole of my heart. #Myangel #mylife #mylove.

The show touched the Home and Away co-stars of Ethan and took to the comments section in droves.

How awesome, it’s just so unique! “Emily Symons wrote, while Georgie Parker added: “Oh, wow, this is just lovely.”

“In the meantime, Jake Ryan, who had played Robbo on the soap earlier, gushed, “Ahh, beautiful buddy. He made me have a Bastard Tear Ya. Good luck to you and your clan xx


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