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Home and Away’s John Palmer arranges a meeting with Susie McAllister

For UK viewers

On UK screens next week, John Palmer from Home and Away tries to set up a meeting with the cunning Susie McAllister.

Susie (Shane Withington) did a ran with his life savings after weeks of deception, and John’s (Shane Withington) world was flipped upside down earlier this year.

John has struggled to accept the heartbreaking realization that their entire “relationship” was a deception since Susie (Bridie Carter) left.

On Channel 5, John sits together with Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) and newcomer Stephen Tennyson (Bren Foster) to discuss some unusual text messages he appears to have gotten from Susie in upcoming episodes.

The texts, according to a private investigator, came from a burner phone and are untraceable, leaving them no further forward in their search for Susie.

By sending Susie a message indicating that John wishes to meet alone, John, Leah, and Stephen devise a new scheme.

Susie affirms that she wants to see John tomorrow, and John continues to strategize with Leah and Stephen about the best strategy.

Leah and Stephen believe they should report it to the cops, who can handle it from there, but John insists on getting answers. Finally, it’s decided that John will meet Susie, while Leah and Stephen will remain hidden nearby.

When the rendezvous day approaches, John patiently awaits Susie, while Leah and Stephen establish a lookout position nearby.

Unfortunately for John, Susie is nowhere to be found, and the trio is forced to abandon the mission when it becomes evident that she will not return.

Back at the Diner, John receives a text chastising him for his deception: “I thought it was just you and me.”

John replies with an apology text and a request for a second chance, but is he actually talking to Susie or are these texts more than they seem?


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