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Home and Away’s Luke Arnold, “There’s nowhere to hide”

In the hit series Black Sails, he famously portrayed everyone from late Aussie rock legend Michael Hutchence in INXS: Never Break Us Apart to Long John Silver.
And now as nurse Lewis Hayes, rising star Luke Arnold transfers to Summer Bay in this week’s season finale-a position that the 36-year-old admits came as a difficult but welcome change of pace.

There’s always something overwhelming about playing raw, real people after making a career out of playing pirates and rock stars,” he says, adding, “and especially on a show where relationships are the priority. In a show like Home and Away, there’s nowhere to hide. And Lewis has certainly given me a lot to sink my teeth into as a character.
What’s more we can announce that Lewis and fellow nurse Jasmine have a red-hot romance on the cards (Sam Frost).

“You get the feeling very quickly that there are two people who have a great, warm and beautiful connection,” says Luke. “At uni, they met each other, and there’s a little electricity between them.

“Lewis, like Jasmine, has gone through a recent tragedy. It’s very important for both of them to meet someone who not only has an affinity with them but also genuinely understands what they’ve been going through in a way no one else can.

Luke reveals that it was simply a pleasure to share scenes with Sam.
Sam is only the best,” enthuses him, “so stunning, so bubbly, and so hard-working. She’s someone who perfectly balances her energy with being really prepared and passionate about the show and her work, between being accommodating, warm and kind to all.

Luke, indeed, couldn’t have been happier to have got the call from the producers of the program.
I was working in lockdown, but I was so prepared to be greeted on a set with amazing, talented individuals on something that requires teamwork and fun,” he says.”

There’s something incredible about a show where everybody knows its name and that’s being beamed on everybody’s TVs in the world free of charge. Being in something that is famous and open is beautiful indeed.


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