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Home and Away’s Lyn Collingwood’s family, Irish connection, and departure from Colleen Smart role

After playing one of the funniest and most dramatic characters on Home and Away, Lyn stepped away from her Colleen Smart role after playing her for thirteen years

Summer Bay’s most dramatic and amusing character, Lyn Collingwood, is one of Home and Away’s most recognizable faces.

She spent nearly a decade on the soap as the infamous Colleen Smart before deciding to depart for a very crucial reason.

During her stay on the show, she had great storylines, including her son Lance’s father Stan fleeing with $250,000, a time capsule showing she was actually a Stewart, and the countless rumors she got herself involved in.

How old is Lyn and where is she from?

Lyn is 85 years old, having been born on September 6, 1936. She was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales.


When did Lyn join Home and Away?

Lyn has featured on Home and Away on and off over the years, but she made her debut appearance in 1988.

She made a cameo appearance in 1997 after leaving the following year, but she returned permanently in 1999.

She went on to play Colleen for a total of 13 years before finally leaving Home and Away in 2012.

Why did Lyn leave Home and Away?

Lyn said that she had to leave because of her age. She admitted that she didn’t know how much longer she had left in life after reaching “a certain age.”

What has Lyn been doing since the show?

Since then, the actress has acted in three different productions. These include the 2013 short Worm, the TV series A Shared House, and a current project called Remember the Name, which is currently in post-production.

Does Lyn have any children?

Yes, Lyn has a daughter, but she has kept all information regarding her personal life private. Many years ago, the couple traveled to the United Kingdom and Ireland to celebrate her daughter’s 21st birthday.

Lyn has also made several public appearances with her partner, including in 2007 when they attended Ray Meagher’s panto.

What is Lyn’s connection to Ireland?

Lyn visited Ireland many years ago and visited the Aran Islands and Dublin.

She has expressed her admiration for the country, calling it “terrific,” and describing the inhabitants as “kind and communicative.”

Lyn recounted a day in Dublin when she was visiting a university and ran into a law student.

She talked to him all afternoon, despite the fact that he had exams the next day, which Lyn couldn’t believe.



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