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Home and Away’s Nikau star teases devastating Bella split as he hits ‘rock bottom’

EXCLUSIVE: Kawakawa Fox-Reo, who plays Nikau Parata in the Australian serial, has hinted that Nikau and lover Bella Nixon are about to break up as his character ‘hits rock bottom.’

Kawakawa Fox-Reo, who plays Nikau Parata on Home and Away, has hinted at a breakup between his character and his lover Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller).

The relationship is going through a difficult time right now, as Nikau is busy pursuing his modeling career alongside controlling manager Sienna Blake (Rose Riley), who is doing everything she can to keep the duo apart.

Sienna has been attempting to show Nikau who’s boss by rushing in on a family barbecue to speak with him about work and sending Bella off on errands during photoshoots.

Next week, she plans to take it a step further by luring him into bed with her.

It comes as Nikau is struggling with his body image, with fellow model Allegra Freeman (Laura McDonald) encouraging him to take appetite suppressants and skip meals.


By popping up to pass Nikau a selection of images of muscular hunks, Sienna appears to be fostering his insecurities, exacerbating his self-esteem issues.

While Bella is gone at an exhibition, Sienna coaxes Nikau into her apartment, ostensibly to build a wedge between them by showing him photos of Bella and Emmett kissing, while in reality, he was only comforting her over Nikau’s absence.

Sienna continues to press in on Nikau in an attempt to entice him into her bed, but a guilt-ridden Nikau quits the flat the next morning after waking next to Sienna.

And now actor Kawakawa Fox-Reo has told Daily Star that it could be the end for Bella and Nikau, as he “hits rock bottom”.

“Is there any coming back from this?” he wondered. “I think in Nikau’s mind he’s always gonna have some kind of hope. He hits rock bottom at a certain point in the storyline, and I think that little bit of hope is what drives him to be a better version of himself for someone that he loves.

“I think it’s gonna be difficult, but I think he’s holding onto that little bit of hope that they can still be together.”

However, Kawakawa suggested that far from having romantic intentions, Sienna “just wants to make as much f***ing money as possible.”

“I think she is familiar with that world, all these models are at her disposal. And I think that her drive in the storyline is to make as much money from Nikau as a business as possible, and I think she sees Bella as a threat to that business, and does her best to handle it.”

When asked if the incident may cause Nikau to leave the modeling industry, Kawakawa speculated: “He’s at a crossroads and must make a decision. He’s at a fork in the road.

“On the one hand, he is motivated by a desire to make a lot of money while also thoroughly immersing himself in the task.

“And then the other side is about family, and how important they are to him and how they’ve supported him, and whether or not he’s willing to leave that behind.”

When asked about his role in the story, Kawakawa stressed the necessity of addressing the issue of male body positivity.

“It’s something I hadn’t really tackled in myself,” he confessed. “As Nikau was going through this journey and the storyline, I sort of asked myself, ‘What the f*** would I do in this situation?’

“As we were filming and as I was working on the script and stuff like that, lots of questions about body dysmorphia and worthiness and feeling comfortable in your own skin came up,” he continued.


“I really tried my best to put as much of that into Nikau as possible, so there’s definitely moments in the story where Nikau questions his worthiness as a person and whether he has a lot to offer, and there’s definitely a lot of doubt that creeps into his mind of whether or not he’s up to the standard that Sienna wants him to be at.”

As the food truck explodes, Home and Away is about to get even more explosive – literally.

Kawakawa teased the gravity of the impending events by saying: “That does happen. It’s going to be a whirlwind. It puts everyone in a bad mood.”


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