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Home and Away’s One of our favorite actresses reveals her big News

All the way to Summer Bay from Drovers Run! Bridie Carter, a former McLeod’s Daughters star, joined the cast of Home and Away, taking on the pivotal character of Susie McAllister, the glamorous real estate agent.

For Bridie, who has appeared on the long-running Aussie soap twice before, Susie is a role she just couldn’t resist.

Bridie, 50, conversing with New Idea from her farm in the hinterland of Byron Bay, where she lives with her husband, Michael Wilson, and their school-age sons, Tobias and Otis, gives us the low-down on her new TV gig and the highly anticipated reunion of McLeod’s Daughters.

How did it come about with the Home And Away part?

It was at COVID’s height and I was in lockdown on my farm, homeschooling my kids, thinking my industry was gone. I have been
When I suddenly received this call from my agent, saying, “Home And Away has offered you this wonderful role of Susie McAllister!” I was doing voice-over jobs from my walk-in closet. ”

Were you thrilled?

Absolutely! There’s something really special about it when someone offers you a role and they had you specifically in mind for that character. And having been shooting for quite a while now, I can say that Susie is truly one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever played.

She is so much fun, so beautifully written, layered, and fascinating, and she continually grabs life with both hands. Coupled with that, these beautiful people who are the Home And Away family have welcomed me so warmly.

It sounds like Susie has a lot more than meets the eye…

Certainly there is! This character is an authentic gift.

For Susie and John Palmer, we hear romance may be in the air (played by Shane Wethington)…

I’ll get to work closely with Shane. He is the loveliest person. A wonderful, very committed, and generous actor, he is an absolute gentleman.

Have you been commuting to your family’s farm every week?

Absolutely! The producers of the show are extremely supportive of working mothers, and for that I am really grateful.

What can you tell us about the Daughters of McLeod reunion?

For the first draft of a feature film, we have funding. Posie [Graeme-Evans, the creator] has said that it will not only be set in our contemporary world, but we will learn about the McLeod clan’s history-the Scottish ancestry. It’s going to be such a gift to our loyal, dedicated, and amazing fans. It is very fascinating.


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