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Home and Away’s Tane Parata regrets one-night stand after split from Ziggy Astoni

Tane Parata from Home and Away tries to move on with his life in the UK next week, but things get a lot more complicated than he expected.

Tane (Ethan Browne) just terminated his romance with Ziggy Astoni after discovering she was still in love with Dean Thompson, her ex-boyfriend.

Tane decides to let off steam by going to a club in next week’s programmes on Channel 5.

While there, Tane meets Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), a newcomer to the programme, and the two begin flirting.

Tane and Felicity have a natural chemistry as they dance and drink their way through the night.

Tane is kept guessing by Felicity’s unpredictable nature, especially when she becomes upset while waiting for service at the bar. Felicity, impatient, leaps up the bar and begins dancing Coyote Ugly-style, to the delight of the crowd.

Tane is taken aback when Felicity appears behind the bar to serve herself. When Felicity reveals that she works there, everything becomes evident.

Tane later returns to Felicity’s house and the two spend the night together.

Tane tries to flee while still half-naked the next morning, but is surprised to see Summer Bay’s new police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright).

Tane is taken aback when he discovers Cash and Felicity are brothers and sisters.

While Felicity is willing to brag about her one-night stand, Tane is wary of rubbing Cash the wrong way because he’s the new cop in town.

Tane subsequently confides in his brother Ari about how sleeping with Felicity wasn’t the best decision because of his long-standing dislike of the cops.

Will Tane be able to resist temptation when Felicity and Cash later relocate to the Bay?


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