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Home and Away’s Witness X’s identity was revealed in Australia this week.

The Home and Away star, whose character was dramatically revealed as Witness X, reacted to the shock twist of the storyline.

The Summer Bay soap revealed in scenes that aired in Australia this week who deceived Colby Thorne, while the murderer was facing trial for the murder of Ross Nixon.

It turns out that Witness X was none other than Willow Harris, played by Sarah Roberts.
Late at night, Willow met detective Angelo Rosetta and removed her cable, revealing she had also covertly captured Colby’s previous confession. She seemed, at the same time, devastated by what she thought she had to do.

Speaking at TV Week, Sarah pointed to the explanation behind the betrayal of Willow.

“It took me a while to get my head around, but I could justify that in the way she’s going to do something for her family, and in my own life, I’m the same,” she said.

The star seemed to show that Willow believes, with Bella Nixon and Dean Thompson both suffering from the latest drama with Colby and his killer secret. she is protecting her friends.


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