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Home & Away’s littlest star has taken our screens by storm

Look no further if you’re after a little overload of cuteness to break up your afternoon.
In the Aussie TV and film industry, Home and Away has been established as a breeding ground for talent, and the newest, smallest addition is case-by-case.

As he made his first appearance on the hit soap, River Jarvis stole the screen and our hearts, and from that moment on, the fans were, to say the least, hook, line and sinker.
Arriving in The Bay as the illegitimate son of Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor), who, after his former flame Amber Simmons (Maddy Jevic) discovered where he was staying, discovered he was a dad.

He definitely made a startling impression on Dean-and the rest of the locals at Summer Bay.

And as his plot continues to grow, we thought it fitting to round up some of his most beautiful moments so far-because there’s nothing like an adorable curly-haired boost to our news feeds?

River looks like he gives a lot of fun behind the scenes to the case and the Home and Away crew. He and his on-screen mum, Maddy Jevic, are pictured here.

And Patrick O’Connor, his on-screen dad, and young River share a special bond, too.And you can’t go to Summer Bay, and you can’t spend your time with Grandpa Alf. Like a house on fire, River and Ray Meagher appear to get along.

Let’s just rejoice in how lovely little Jai is as one of his first appearances in The Bay was madeUsually, the curly-haired boy is full of beans, with plenty of sweet anecdotes and expressions to his parents.

Amber obviously loves her son so much-when she settled in Summer Bay, the youngster took precedence.When young Jai got sick earlier this year, with his parents Dean and Amber fretting about their son, fans had a shock.
Fortunately, Doctor Tori was there to help out. In the future, we look forward to seeing where his character is headed!


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