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Home & Away’s Penny McNamee on her bond with Ditch Davey

There was a time in 2019 where at least on television, Penny McNamee decided she wanted to shake things up. She addressed the Home And Away producers and said Tori could use more of the fun of her life.

After all with IVF problems and the loss of her daughter’s boyfriend, Robbo (played by Jake Ryan), she had suffered almost two years of trauma! She happily told TV WEEK today, “they certainly delivered!”

It’s time Tori had a good interest in love, so I told the authors, “It’s time Tori had a solid love interest, so I said to the writers, ‘He needs to be a man, a grown-up who has his life together – and they did a great job of writing the character,” says Penny, 37. “Ditch [Davey, who plays Christian] and I have a lot of trust in each other, which helps come across in storylines.”

The steamy romance has undoubtedly attracted the eye of fans who have taken to social media and on the street to express their approval!

“I get people stopping me in the street and sing out, ‘Oooh, Tori and the hot doc!’ [Laughs]. I’ve never had that reaction before, so it’s good to know people like it,” she says. “Even people on set are drawn to Ditch because he’s just such a nice guy.”

Penny is too, though her character is loved-up going into the holiday season. An acknowledged Christmas lover, the actress is excited to decorate the house with husband Matt Tooker, son Jack, five, and daughter Neve, one year old.

Both seem to have inherited the passion of their mother, while Penny is saddened that she will not be able to have both of her siblings at home.

“Two of my sisters live in the US [including Packed To The Rafters actress Jessica McNamee], so they can’t come home for Christmas, which is a shame,” she says.

She says with a grin, “We’ll still decorate the tree and have Santa come and visit,” “But I’m hoping to sing at Carols In The Domain [in Sydney], however, that will look this year.”

She wishes people will breathe in a new beginning, amid the uncertainties of 2020, some of which Penny has seen first-hand from friends and family. Simply cementing her passion for the role and the co-stars she’s surrounded by, coming back to set.

She says, “I’m really proud of everyone on Home And Away,” “We handled the ‘new normal’ well and haven’t had any incidents. I think we set a benchmark for other productions and I truly am more appreciative of this job and these people.”

As for the future, Penny expects a new age can be heralded by Christmas.

“I think there will be a feeling of relief that the end of this year has come, we got through it and can start fresh in 2021 with a brighter future,” she says.

“I’ve been very fortunate, but that’s my hope for everyone.”


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