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How long will Kieren be able to hide his dark secret from his half-sister Roo?

Alf and Martha have been worried about his “fresh start” in Summer Bay with Keiran’s history of alcohol and domestic violence, and this week his good-guy act starts to fall apart in a telling act of rage.

Martha (Belinda Giblin) and Alf (Ray Meagher) explore how to tackle Kieran’s (Rick Donald) involvement in town at the Stewart household.
Martha has revealed that Kieran is her son in recent episodes, and has a sorry history of violence and drug abuse.

Their partnership soured to the point that she called and ran from the police.
But now he’s called for a second chance after being in rehab. Martha is incredibly pleased with his order, but Alf is not.

Kieran has some mental health problems, and he’s still really dealing with addiction, and Rick, 35, tells about family stuff in the past.
There is a lot of luggage for him to carry to the bay.

That’s what attracted me to the role. what “That draws me to the role.” She offers to show him around the area, which causes Martha to worry.

Alf takes a moment to have a firm word with Kieran before they depart and both settle on the limits: one wrong move and one wrong move.

Yeah, he’s gone. Half-siblings Roo and Kieran find that when they discuss their grievances and history, they have more in common than they expected-Kieran only touches on his alcohol addiction.

Roo admires his power to mend bridges and motivates him to hang around for a bit longer.

Kieran is really trying to make amends for his past, and having a half-sister in Roo is a really nice way to make a fresh start,” Rick says. Although it seems like some people in the Bay may have won over him, he leaves a bad impact on others.

Kieran goes searching for work after his tour so that he can earn an income to cover the expense of renting his caravan.

Kieran seizes the opportunity to make an impact, but at the wrong time, catches Jasmine.
She tells him to send his curriculum vitae to the reception and she will follow it up, but Kieran will not go back down and refuses to leave until she offers him

The interview, or even better, the work!

Lewis (Luke Arnold), Jasmine’s old friend, has to interfere, and Kieran storms off. Outside the surf club, in an aggressive rage, he bursts.

“He just pushes too hard, because he’s so desperate to make amends and to be this new guy, “He’s just pressing too hard because he’s so desperate to make amends and be this new guy.

But because he’s so desperate, he’s aggressive. It becomes too much and he punches a tree – he’s not in a good headspace.”
His next outburst is likely to see someone get hurt with such a short fuse and a violent streak.
Who’s going to be unfortunate enough to cross his path?


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