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Sharon Watts makes some huge decisions on her return to Walford

Sharon Mitchell of EastEnders will make some big decisions when she returns to Walford next week. Sharon (Letitia Dean) is still in abroad, following a heart-wrenching couple of months of deciding to take some time off the Square.

Before Sharon ‘s departure, she crushed Phil’s estranged husband’s hopes of reuniting and running The Vic together.

Therefore the viewers might be surprised to learn that during her trip, Sharon has had a slight heart change– ultimately deciding she wants a future with Phil after all.

As Sharon arrives unannounced, Phil is floored, but their catch-up is interrupted by Ben, who needs to speak to his father About their next job.

As Sharon struggles to readapt her life in the Square, she meets. Linda and explains why she’s planning to give something happen to Phil.

Sharon and Phil celebrate becoming the new owners of The Vic with a drink after Linda gives them her blessing, but the mood soon takes a turn when Karen and Billy turn up.

Feeling overwhelmed, Sharon takes refuge with Linda upstairs but faces another painful reminder when they come across some of Dennis’ belongings.

Stricken by grief, Sharon ‘s thoughts are beginning to return to her baby son Kayden as she questions her earlier decision to give him up.

Filled with doubts over everything, Sharon does her best to distract herself and even decides to drop some leftover baby items at Taylor’s.

However, when Karen asks her to watch Kayden as she gets ready for her party, Sharon receives more than she bargains for while she’s there.

Later, when Karen finds Sharon asleep with Kayden, she reminds her that change of mind is not too late.

Determined to get Kayden out of her mind, Sharon’s emotions perseveres in her plan of moving back in with Phil and thanks to Ian for all his late support.

Back at the Mitchells, Sharon and Phil look to the future – just the two of them – but is it what Sharon actually wants?


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